TOP and Ueno Juri Snapped Filming a Cute Drama Date in Seoul

In a cross-border production that isn’t one of those ubiquitous Chinese-Korean joint drama/movie, there is a Japanese-Korean drama currently being filmed in Seoul that stars Big Bang member TOP with top J-actress Ueno Juri. The K-media was out in force on the streets of Seoul’s bustling trendy areas watching TOP and Juri film a cute date scene, complete with hand holding, running, and sampling tasty treats.

The drama is a romance about a man burned by love with a woman still seeking answers to love, which can describe half the drama romances out there. It’s not based on a manga or manhwa, not that it has to be, but looking at TOP with his striking features and quirky animated Juri just makes me think they would look perfect as illustrated characters come to life. Check out all the cute filming pics, but be forewarned that the ice-cream thingie Juri is eating resembles something quite awkward.


TOP and Ueno Juri Snapped Filming a Cute Drama Date in Seoul — 15 Comments

    • Hahaha that’s the first thing that came to mind. I was just scanning the photos and did a double take. “Wait, what was that? Oh, that’s just a weird-looking ice cream.”

      Or maybe this speaks more about the color of our brains? hahaha

  1. they look good together! TOP is so handsome and i’m glad he’s without some weird haircut like he had in his BIGBANG comeback in may haha..and the ice cream thing..LOL! i noticed it too when i rolled to the pics and thought i was not seeing well. that is creative haha

    • After this is over he’ll join the others in the weird hair department although I can’t complain about GD or Seungri’s hair cuz they look great). We still have 3 more months of promotions, plenty of time to get wild. haha

      • OH yeah seungri looks faboulous with the blond! gd too although i didn’t get used to it yet
        and yes i wonder what did they prepare for us for the next months haha

  2. the ice cream isnt really yum actually, but the cone looks unique, i tried it once.

    Top looks adorable, unfortunately, it’s only web drama, if only..
    definitely watch it 🙂

  3. TOP is so handsome and i totally agree that he could be all sorts of manga characters brought to life. Can’t wait for this to be out, this would probably be his first lead role in a romance movie. All he does is action so i’m looking forward to this. And him pairing up with my fave Jap actress is just icing on the cake!

  4. TOP has a unique face. I’ve always thought he’s the Asian version of Zachary Quinto LOL maybe it’s the eyebrows. But he’s really handsome. And definitely not an airhead. I love reading his interviews, especially when he talks about art and furniture. He’s like a puzzle I cannot match. Anyway, he & Ueno Juri looks cute!

  5. T.O.P. is growing on me more and more, he’s interesting and funny in a direct and dry sort of way that I’ve come to admire, that said, what the H_____ is she eating and why!?

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