Lee Jun Ki Treated for Nose Fracture Filming Scholar Who Walks the Night

I don’t this will pose a big problem for upcoming drama Scholar Who Walks the Night, but it does pain me to hear of an unfortunate accident coming from the set of the fantasy vampire sageuk. Male lead Lee Jun Ki fractured his nose in an filming mishap and was taken to the hospital where he was surgically treated for the injury. Breaking one’s nose has multiple degrees of seriousness and the production claims Lee Jun Ki’s injury will not affect filming while he’s healing. It sounds less his his entire nose was rearranged and more like a hairline type fracture.

On set injuries are par for the course in in acting life whether it’s in front or behind the cameras. Moon Geun Young had her nose broken filming sageuk Painter of the Wind in an accident where her male lead’s elbow connected with her face during a scene. She even needed major surgery but that drama went on filming without a hiccup. I wish Jun Ki a swift and comfortable recovery so that he can return to top shop for this drama since he’s been tweeting and instagraming up a storm since filming began. Clearly he’s quite into the role, which does seem tailor written for his visuals and strong experience in sageuk acting.


Lee Jun Ki Treated for Nose Fracture Filming Scholar Who Walks the Night — 9 Comments

  1. thank goodness it’s not more serious, I always feel nervous about him since he does so many stunts himself. But a broken nose is no joke either, I hope he gets some decent rest before plunging back into filming.

  2. Is it weird that the first thought that came to me was “NOT that perfectly crafted nose!”???

    Get well soon LJK and LYB!

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