Expectant Parents Han Hye Jin and Ki Sung Yeung Share Their Marital Bliss in Marie Claire Korea

I don’t follow K-actress Han Hye Jin‘s career even though I’ve actually watched so many of her dramas, but I love this latest news too much not tos hare. Her breakout hit from a decade ago Be Strong Geum Soon is one of my favorite daily dramas ever, except it was less her and more due to Kang Ji Hwan. I finished every single episode of the endless Jumong, but experienced drama connoisseurs mostly agree that the underrated Jejoongwon is her best work. She’s been out of the limelight since last year’s One Warm Word, having gotten married to soccer star Ki Sung Yeung and is now expecting their first baby together.

He plays for an English professional team and flies back and forth to Korea where Han Hye Jin still lives, though she also spends a lot of time in England with him during the season. She’s still three months away from delivering the baby, due in September, but Marie Claire Korea paid the couple a visit in Swansea, England to photograph a spread with the expectant parents that is one of the loveliest things ever. I genuinely swooned with I saw the first still above. As a couple they are very low key but give off all the vibes of being genuinely happy to be together.


Expectant Parents Han Hye Jin and Ki Sung Yeung Share Their Marital Bliss in Marie Claire Korea — 9 Comments

  1. I also liked her in Be Strong Geumsoon but I’ll never forget that scene in Jumong where Jumong was getting married and her facial reaction seeing him about to get married with another woman was just so perfect. She looks so happy in this photos. Congratulations!

    • Easy mistake since Swansea plays in the English pl with english clubs. Wales dont have their own league like they do in scotland.

      So technially he plays for a club in English league system.

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