Lee Hyun Woo is the Perfect Guest Starring Yangban for Scholar Who Walks the Night

The clues are starting to come together about how Scholar Who Walks the Night plans to plot out the drama narrative, in ways that are wholly going to diverge from the source manhwa. I’ve read the entire source manhwa and quite like it, but I don’t have a problem with the drama going a different direction because the story really isn’t that wedded to the ins and outs of the narrative. The main draw is the vampire angst of Lee Jun Ki‘s male lead Kim Sung Yul, and that appears to be fully developed in the drama version.

The first stills are out of guest starring Lee Hyun Woo, who plays a yangban compatriot of Lee Jun Ki’s character in the drama. He’s described as knowing secrets of the palace that will land him in trouble, and my koala sense tells me he may be the reason Lee Jun Ki looks so utterly stricken in his last set of stills when he was staring at something on the castle walls. I could be wrong but the drama wouldn’t have such a recognizable guest star like Lee Hyun Woo without sending him off with a bang. I don’t mind that since it’s expected, I’ll just be sure to have tissues at the ready to drool and/or cry.



Lee Hyun Woo is the Perfect Guest Starring Yangban for Scholar Who Walks the Night — 11 Comments

  1. Well I was going to skip this one because of writer(she wrote Paradise Ranch). But for LHW, i’ll check first episode.

  2. Hi..Where did you read Scholar who walks the night? I searched online but got nada..unless you have the manhwa itself. Does anyone know?

    • I don’t think it’s been picked up by a translation team. I really want to read it as well. The art looks utterly beautiful.

  3. Ms K you should check out the Drama Support flyier/photo “ssoyabin” put up on Instagram for Lee Soo Hyuk. I wonder if he is aware of this and if it legal for a fan to ask for donations.

    “ssoyabin is from Indonesia.

    They even add a gmail address for questions. Can a fan do this???

    • How do u think fans can spend so much money to do food truck catering on filming site or rice wreath at the press conference. It’s all through donation to pull out such an amount of money. Local and international fans do this on regular basis.

      • I would have NO issue if it clearly stated it was for food truck. HOWEVER, take the time to look at the post. It makes it appear that it is from him. When asked what would happen to the money the comment was deleted with OUT a reply. So this could be just a SCAM for money.

  4. Um. On DB it says that Lee is playing a prince, not a yangban.

    I often wonder if you properly translate and/or ever proofread your posts since there’s often errors in the information, as well as typos and such.

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