Live-Action Attack on Titan Drops Manga-inspired Movie Poster and New Action Trailer

I may be in the minority when it comes to anticipating the hotly awaited live-action movie version of the hit manga Attack on Titan. I find everything about it awesome so far in all the previews and casting, from pretty boy Miura Haruma as lead character Eren Yaeger on down. I come from the premise that it’s nigh impossible to adapt this intense and riveting story to live-action to begin with, so to attempt it is either a feat of lunacy or audacity, and I’ll throw my lot in with the latter just for optimism sake.

The second just released movie trailer reveals closer looks at the titular Titans, giant colossal entities in a post-apocalyptic world that eat puny humans, as well as how the humans fight back using weapons like the creative VME (vertical maneuvering equipment). Feel free to be let down with this more CGI-dense trailer but I find the special effects part and parcel to the package since there is no way to render either the Titans or the VME action sequences without it. All I know is that all the main characters are raring to go and I along with them. Bring it on, AoT, my advice is to temper expectations and be prepared to be wowed.

Third preview for Attack on Titan:


Live-Action Attack on Titan Drops Manga-inspired Movie Poster and New Action Trailer — 14 Comments

  1. Cannot waiiiiit!
    AoT, please be epic. Not the CG but everything else. Acting, story, editing, scoring… everything. I hope the production team can deliver the original story’s spirit, or else.

  2. Oooh I can’t wait any longer for the movies to be released. I’m obsessed with the manga
    Did I see that right? Spoiler: a kiss?!!!?!

  3. a kiss?? seriously??? who? eren and mikasa? lol they didn’t even have a romantic loveline in the manga or anime. and if the movie are going to take that route. Rejoice to shippers heart. Anyway can’t wait to see how the epic play out. hope it measure up to Rurouni Kenshin adaptation. though the biggest drawback had to be the lack of Levi. I mean he’s the most incredible character ever. why movie why???

    • Levi is too awesome for the movie. Which is good i guess imagine the flack this movie will get if the actor and the movie will not deliver the awsomeness that is levi? And i think most are already raising eyebrow from the mikasa and eren kiss (which never happen in the manga or anime)

  4. I was worried about this one ever since they cast miura haruma in it and from the looks of this trailer I was right, why is japan fond of ruining it’s great manga works? is hajime isayama even involved in this? AOT is tipically the kind of manga that wld work perfectly as a holywood movie, this just doesn’t work, give us a new season of the anime instead of this crap

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