More SM Idol Shakeup as Sulli Likely Leaving f(x) and Tao No Longer Promoting with EXO

Even exclusive K-drama fans must’ve heard by now about the recent turmoil and confusion surrounding¬†additional member departures from popular SM Entertainment K-pop idol groups. Last year in 2014 was nearly apocalyptic with the confirmed departures of Kris (Wu Yi Fan) and Luhan from mega boy band EXO, with a side of Sulli from girl group¬†f(x) going on hiatus. This year hasn’t been any better starting with the back-and-forth over the highly likely departure of Tao (Huang Zi Tao) from EXO, which would make it the third straight Chinese member departure from that group.

This month the confusing haze has finally lifted somewhat so that fans of EXO and f(x) can actually look forward with a clearer expectation – K-ent is reporting that Sulli has officially withdrawn from f(x) but will remain under SM to pursue solely an acting career, while over in C-ent the reports are that Tao has started his own workshop and will be exclusively pursuing a career in China and no longer part of EXO. Neither news is all that surprising, and frankly the whole thing went down like a Chinese water torture so having some certainty must be welcome even if the news may be disappointing for fans of those groups.

I don’t know what talents Tao has to make it alone in China but I guess he can likely call up former group mates Luhan and Kris for advice. As for Sulli, she’s a terrible actress as shown headlining To the Beautiful You so for her to exclusively stick with acting seems like a hilarious choice IMO. Hopefully now everyone can move on with EXO being a 9-boy group and f(x) shrinking to four girls.


More SM Idol Shakeup as Sulli Likely Leaving f(x) and Tao No Longer Promoting with EXO — 16 Comments

  1. SM doesn’t believe in confirming LOL

    SM is saying Sulli isn’t confirmed to be out and f(x) is apparently heading to a festival in London.

    They also say they are still determining Tao’s future *sigh*

    However Tao has released photos in the studio on LA so….

      • Well, in the case of Kibum he still signs as “Kibum of Super Junior” then SM is not entirely wrong . Recently he sent a wreath to a marriage with that name. But in the case of Tao and Sulli I think it’s fear of losing more money.

  2. She couldn’t sing or dance either but that never stopped her from being an idol. And with SM talent is not a requirement for anything as long as you are pretty.

    I find it hilarious that Exo last album was named Exodus. Their members certainly followed that….

  3. Sulli is super pretty and cute, but acting is not her strong suit. To the Beautiful You was forgettable and her movie with Joo Won wasn’t any better. f(x) will also be fine without her.

    • It’s not even like her looks is unique to her, that girl from Surplus Princess and Missing Noir M has the same look but can also act.

  4. A lot idols went in agency to be actors and finished to be idols…So I can understand they want to quit their group to be actor. But I don’t understand why they can have big role when they are not yet good at acting. Just a name should be not enough.

  5. I love Sulli so it’s good news for me as I don’t follow fx like that. She isn’t the greatest actress, but she’s got potential and she’ll improve with experience.

  6. Has anyone watched Producer? Don’t you think there’s similarity between Cindy’s agency CEO and SMent CEO? LOL….

  7. I find it funny and yet devastating that as soon as I started getting into EXO, the member I liked most leaves.
    I wish Tao all the best though.

  8. I think that it’s better Sulli leaves F(x). She was an actress as a child before she was in F(x). If she had just stuck to acting instead of being an idol, maybe she would have grown to be as good as some of the other actresses in her generation.

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