Nam Joo Hyuk In the Pages of Tenasia for Post Who Are You: School 2015 Interview

The curious case of model-actor Nam Joo Hyuk in his first leading man stint in just finished drama Who Are You: School 2015 is sure to incite heated debates. I fall in the camp of liking him in School 2015, he is easy on the eyes with a great leading man build that fills up the camera screen, followed by a comfortable acting cadence that I found quite pleasing to watch. That doesn’t mean I think he’s a good actor (yet), he was undoubtedly the acting weak link in that drama and was saddled with the least interesting written character of the three leads.

With that said, the problem was him being placed in a leading man role too early in his career, with only a supporting role in cable drama Surplus Princess before this. I find him intriguing enough, with glimpses of raw talent that was nowhere near tapped in School 2015, so I hope he goes back to supporting roles for the near future and really build up his acting range before stepping back into the lead. He’s been all over the K-media this past week doing post-drama interviews for all the major publications and my favorite was this photo spread for Tenasia.


Nam Joo Hyuk In the Pages of Tenasia for Post Who Are You: School 2015 Interview — 11 Comments

  1. I liked him in School as well! I get some of the complaints about him, but I think some of it blaming him too much for a character the writer abandoned mid-drama. I think he has potential in acting. He’s only 21, can learn and isn’t totally cringe-worthy. I’ve seen worse from people years older than him with much more experience… If he goes back to supporting roles for a few years I think he’ll be fine.

    And he does take really good pictures. That’s his job, but still. He’s really handsome.

  2. Aww, I adore Nam Joo Hyuk! I think he’s not the best actor out there obviously, but he’s charming and so easy to watch because he always seems full of sincerity. I hope he can build on his craft and really establish himself as a good actor and leading man.

  3. I was looking forward for any school 2015 related news from you ever since I found out that you’re watching the drama. Although I much prefer if you talk about other leads ( Huge TaeBi shipper here!) this would suffice.
    I don’t like his character at all. Part of it was because his character done nothing other than brooding & swimming. I blamed the writer on this one. His character was so underdeveloped it makes Yook Sungjae’s Gong Tae Kwang shines even though he’s the 2nd lead. Another problem was with his acting. For a new lead actor, I think he did ok, stiff at times but passable. However, I do found it hard to connect with his character due to his acting especially in emotional scenes where you can see his limited acting abilities. If he’s acting alongside actors who are on the same level as him, then it won’t matter much but you have Kim So Hyun, Yook Sungjae & the girl who played So Young killing it in their respective roles so it really does highlight Nam Joo Hyuk acting deficiencies. Definitely not ready for a leading man role. He should go back to playing supporting roles just to gain experience & learn a few things

    • I’m a BTOB fan so from the start I really watched the drama for Yook Sungjae and he did not disappoint. His character was well written but if not acted well, its bordering irritating. That’s why I think Sungjae is a better actor. It’s also possible that the writers saw what we saw in Sungjae that’s why his character was given more screentime than Yi An.

      It wasn’t the best School but the actors (Kim Sohyun, Yook Sungjae and the actress who did So Young’s) were really awesome! I wish they gave the teachers more lines coz they were awesome!

  4. He has a sweet, affable screen presence but his acting ability is limited to only that. He can play the sweet and nice playful boy the way he did in Surplus Princess or the beginning of School 2015, but any attempt to give him other things to do ends up failing because his acting limitations really start to show. Like the frequent brooding and anger outbursts in School 2015.

  5. In the camp of liking him too!!! I’ m glad u are!! I do admit his acting is not yet up to par with the others in School, but it was raw and sincere enough to draw me to his character.Shed a tear when Han Yi An cried in the drama..cant resist his innocent smile and warm appearance onscreen too. His face and physics are male lead material so hope he will improve his acting with experience in the near future. Heard Cha Seung Won is the acting coach for YG K+ model actors, meaning Nam Joo Hyuk has chance to learn some serious acting from his big sunbae then!!

  6. Gaaaaaaaaaaaah . . . Kyaaaaaaaaa . . . Excuse me while I fangirl! Squeeee! Nam Joo Hyuk, without a doubt, is my swoon of the moment! Anyone can easily tell that I have a major crush on him just by looking at my phone. Last time I checked, I had like 800+ pictures of him on my gallery. I know, I know, it’s insane! Haha. What can I do? I just frickin’ lurrrrrve this charming guy! It actually sucks that I can’t call him OPPA, because I’m 22 and he’s 21! Hihihi.

    I absolutely agree with everyone’s opinions about him lacking on so many levels as a main male lead but I do think that he has this tangible warmth on-screen. I enormously admire his IG post about his performance as Han Yi An. The fact that he acknowledged that he didn’t do well in his first major role made me love him even more. I find him adorably attractive. He looks so manly yet, he also gives off boyish charm. After watching his variety-gigs, I discovered that he’s like a gentle giant, he’s so awkward and blunt in real life. Haha. After School 2015, I wish to see more of him and I promise to root for him all the way.

    Okay. That was me fangirling. Sorry for my incoherent comment!

  7. I love Han Yi An. I have been watching dramas for 20 years, i dont think he was bad in that drama. I have seen worse. Every time when i see him in the drama, he was so good. I have a good feeling he is gonna make it big like Kim Soo Hyun and Jo In Sung. He has a full package.

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