Producer Screenwriter Park Ji Eun Headed to SBS with PD Jin Hyuk for Next Drama

Even if highly anticipated KBS variety drama Producer wasn’t the blockbuster hit it was aiming for, the end result was still a qualified success in the current ratings landscape. I didn’t write about the drama despite watching it completely and liking it very much. It just didn’t hook me to the degree I felt the urge the pontificate over it. While Producer screenwriter Park Ji Eun┬áis coming off her previous runaway hit You From Another Star, I personally loved Kim Soo Hyun way more in Producer than in YFAS and the same goes for the story.

Park Ji Eun is striking while the iron is hot as K-ent is reporting that she’s already signed on her next drama with SBS. That’ll return her to the network that aired YFAS but this time she gets a different veteran SBS PD as her production partner. PD Jin Hyuk of Dr. Stranger, City Hunter, The Master’s Sun, Prosecutor Princess fame will be directing Park Ji Eun’s upcoming SBS drama. The drama won’t arrived until early 2016 but the news is enough to perk me up. Good or bad, these two combined together is worth checking out.

Park Ji Eun is a bona fide hitmaker, not just taking into account You From Another Star and the most recent Producer. She also wrote You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly, Queen of Reversals, and Queen of Housewives. PD Jin Hyuk is also quite a big name of his own, despite his dramas sometimes having less than stellar ratings or being ripped for terrible screenwriting, his directing is always top notch and recognized as such.


Producer Screenwriter Park Ji Eun Headed to SBS with PD Jin Hyuk for Next Drama — 21 Comments

  1. Ratings or huge popularity of a drama is out of our hand. We can’t expect even if they have big stars in it. So, I really appreciate and respect a lot to every PDs, writers, actors and directors who give their best till the end whether the dramas get big success or not. Many of high quality dramas have average ratings. I believe ratings doesn’t always equal to high quality. Those kinda drama are piece of art.

    This one sounds very strong collaboration. But, miss Koala, could you give any update about the collaboration work between PD of My Name is Kim Sam Soon and script writer of I’m Sorry I Love You? I remember you wrote about this article previously. Do you have any updated news about it?

    • Two week, 49 days, my daughter seo young writer will work with PD My name is Kim Sam Soon with TvN drama our heaven. Ok

  2. I seriously didn’t understand the hate that Producers got because I loved it so much. I admit, I became kind of annoyed by the Yejin/Seung Chan scenes because it was obvious she only loved Ra Moo and yet, it seemed like they were kind of forced together but the ending was soo great and overall, the drama was just so much more than that. So yeah’, I feel sad and sorry for people dropping the drama because of the lovelines or just rooting for one particular character. I really loved all of them and y’know, there are just so much heartwarming, hilarious and emotional moments …. GAH, I could talk about it for days XD.

    Anyway, with Producers, Park Ji Eun is definitely my favorite Korean scripwriter. I loved Queen of Housewives, Unexpected You and Man From Another Star from her other works. She may have flaws but her dramas have always something so touching about it that you end up remembering years after, haha.

    • For me, no more park ji eun for ksh’s project, please. No way will KSH play in her new project whether he is busy with filming new movie or not. Twice is enough for drama cooperation. By accepting her project Producer, he has paid her all back.

  3. Out of all of her works, ‘Producers’ was my least favorite. Although I love love love KSH, Gong Hyo Jin, and Cha Tae Hyun – I could not relate to any of the characters and she was trying too hard to accomodate 4 big stars instead of focusing on the storyline and letting go where it should organically. The drama was fine. It’s the only drama I saw during the weeks it was airing, but it wasn’t as good as some of her previous works.

    • Same here.I dropped producers after the first episode.I really really couldn’t bring myself to watch KSH in his dorky form after his alien character.
      I felt he was trying too hard.I felt that role was not suited for him.
      I am watching high society and keep wishing KSH was offered and accepted the role of Sung Joon.
      Don’t get me wrong,Sung joon is doing a good job.but a heart wants what a heart wants.

  4. On the subject of writing about dramas–Koala, are you on a break from recapping? Are you saving up stamina for the bigger dramas coming in a couple of months? Have you retired from recapping altogether? Are you being barred from writing for your unabashed and unfiltered commentary of dramas? Is it a defamation lawsuit? Threats? Blackmails?

    Is there really a conspiracy behind all of these?!

    Why Koala, why?

    • Koala was recapping the girl who sees smells buahahaha.. sittin thru that drama while looking for quality irony

    • Sorry Scientia! Just real life busy the entire month of June is all. Plus not a single drama really wowed me off the bat to want to write about it. Should get the feels back soon with the July dramas, hopefully.

  5. koala is a bias writter. Lmfao she deleted her most viewed article of all times and let the second most viewed take first place because it involved Lee Min Ho and his girlfriend, so Ksh and dara is the most viewed now. low blow from koala on LMH-fans

  6. Hey koala rumors has K-movie named the northern limit line is making alot buzz SK right now can you report on that

  7. Hi Koala,

    We really miss your “Lost You Forever” drama translation and wonder when we will be able to read chapter 40?

    How many more episodes to go till the “End”?

    waiting very patiently…..and hoping we have not lost “lost you forever” (could not resist a pun)

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