Suzy Leads High Profile Star Attendees at the VIP Movie Premiere of Horror K-movie The Piper

I’m starting to wonder if Suzy and Lee Min Ho went the candid route in admitting their relationship three months ago when outed by Dispatch because they basically couldn’t hide their rosy romance glow. The stars were out in full force yesterday at the premiere of upcoming horror fantasy K-movie The Piper (Korean title Guest), with none more shining and scene stealing than Suzy showing off a classy and womanly aura all over the red carpet. I’m sure the stars of The Piper including Ryu Seung Ryung, Lee Sung Min, and Lee Joon won’t mind getting their thunder muted by nation’s sweetheart Suzy, not to mention the crazy amount of media coverage on her appearance alone is great publicity for the movie.

Also out to support this movie were popular young stars like Lee Seung Gi, Kim Woo Bin, Kang Sora, Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Yoo Jung, Jeon Hye Bin, Park Eun Bin, and Byun Yo Han. There was a chance for Suzy to hang with her Gu Family Book costar oppa Lee Seung Gi, and maybe trade some high profile dating war stories on how to lay low and still have a fun dating life, since Seung Gi is dating SNSD’s Yoona and all. Luckily here wasn’t a single fashion eyesore at this VIP premiere, no one looked like they rolled out of bed and happened to stumble into a movie premiere, but really the marvel was on Suzy looking perfect from head to toe. Oh what romance does for giving a girl an extra boost of dazzling.

Suzy. I’m sure the comments section will be all over Suzy reportedly considering the female lead offer for tvN‘s adaptation of popular webtoon Cheese in the Trap. I’ll believe it when I hear confirmation, this one sounds a lot like the production leaking news of her consideration just for some buzz. Her side confirmed she got the script, but that’s basically a day in the life of Suzy as she gets tons of scripts all the time.

Park Eun Bin

Lee Seung Gi

Kang Sora

Kim Yoo Jung

Byun Yo Han

Jeon Hye Bin

Kim Woo Bin

Yoo Yeon Seok

The cast of The Piper: Ryu Seung Ryung, Lee Sung Min, Lee Joon, Chun Woo Hee, and Han Sung Yong


Suzy Leads High Profile Star Attendees at the VIP Movie Premiere of Horror K-movie The Piper — 34 Comments

  1. woobin is sooo smexy! i couldnt stop looking at his pic. hehe. btw jeon hye bi, i only watched her with ji chang wook in veggie drama, i forgot the long title.. but is she famous in korea?

  2. Kang Sora’s legs are sooooo long! Looking at the pics of her and Yoo Yeon Seok makes me wish they could do another project as otp, Warm & Cozy wasted them.

    That Cheese in the Trap role really shouldn’t go to Suzy. She is a nice girl but the actress for Hong Sul needs to be talented, not necessarily cookie cutter pretty.

  3. Umh, the color of Suzy’s foundation is just not right. She looks like an eagle with her face so white compared to her neck! Otherwise, very good styling.

    • What are we comparing here? Looks? Cos look wise I think Suzy really deserves the praise, Kang Sora is not really that pretty, she’s got some nice features on her. If acting wise, Kang Sora is obviously the better actress but even then I don’t find her that great. She’s good in some, horrid in others. Kinda like Kim Ye Won. Suzy is just bad, but she was never praised for her acting anyway.

      So their both rated correctly in my books.

  4. I was more focus on Kang So Ra and Kim Woo Bin more than Suzy for this article though XD. Kang So Ra’s killer body, totally jealous. She can make simple dress looks awesome.
    Suzy of course looks pretty but why I think she looks older than her age? Anyway, they all look pretty and handsome.

  5. Oh, Suzy went because Ryu Seung Ryong also is her co-star in their upcoming movie. The only non-related movie premiere that she went was Gangnam Blues. That’s when we don’t know that LMH was courting her at that time. Beside that don’t make it in this blog are actors Lee Dong Hwi and Go Kyung Pyo both in RSR past and upcoming movies.

  6. suzy is pretty but i’d pick Krystal jung over her.most of my friends finds Krystal more prettier than Suzy too…btw,Lee Joon is so handsome

  7. Love everyone’s looks.

    The evil person in me is sad there’s no fashion fail to laugh at this premiere.

    (And oooh this was the cool but really creepy movie I want to watch but can’t!)

    • I dont agree, Suzy is not that pretty, she’s like normal Korean girl compared to those Hallyu beauties who made it outside Internationally before her, like: Choi Ji Woo, Song Hye Kyo, Yoon Eun Hye, Kim Tae Hee, just few examples!

    • JYP is also trying so hard to make her style look like Yoon Eun Hye, look at all her photoshoots. But Suzy is an ugly version of Yoon Eun Hye! Maybe all this attention she’s getting is all due to LMH and her management alone, but put those two out of the equation, there’s nothing more really. Suzy’s got plain jane face, nothing extraordinary about her except the hype.

      • Dude. Where did you get the idea that JYP is trying to make her look like YEH? Is YEH’s style so original and unique that Suzy MUST have copied her? I’m not trying to discredit what you think about her, but you sound like someone who believes her opinion is much more valid and superior than anyone else’s.

  8. It looks like Suzy is in a hurry to age herself while anyone else in Korea is doing anything and everything to look younger than their age.

  9. SeungGi-yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Damn, I’m missing him so much, if one isn’t a follower of his activities, he wouldn’t know he released an amazing album T_T his promo circle sucked (as always), I’m gla he showed to show support to king hyung. So sweet to see him supporting his “hyung”. SeungGi is love <3

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