Luhan’s China Workshop Officially Denies Rumors that He’s Secretly Married and Has a Baby

This rumor takes the cake for how far out there it is, if it’s true then it certainly might be the biggest scoop of the Asian entertainment year. Chinese entertainment media is falling over thanks to some juicy big mid-week gossip. A popular anonymous weibo account that regularly breaks star rumors dropped a bombshell scandal that has been linked to Luhan formerly of EXO. The post alleged that a flower boy Mr. L formerly of a top Korean boy band and recently returned to China to pursue an entertainment career is secretly married and expecting a baby. LOL whut?

The post claims that the Mr. L is dating a Korean model and they got married this past March 1 near her birthday because she’s expecting his child. The post provided the weibo account for the supposed Mrs. which contains tons of romantic stuff, not to mention Luhan was spotted visiting a hospital a few months ago and started following the weibo a famous pediatrician at said hospital. The follow was cancelled soon afterwards, but the poster also claims Luhan and the maybe Mrs. have been spotted by fans publicly dating in Hong Kong, holding hands while strolling the streets.

Luhan’s workshop in China leaped into action and immediately issued a strongly worded denial that Luhan is the Mr. L in question and demanding that the original weibo post be deleted and the poster to publicly apologize. I’m still getting over the lulz factor at imagining Luhan a daddy since he’s barely out of the school yard himself. The fact that there is an official response from Luhan’s side means that the rumor really wasn’t just the typical nonsense dime a dozen a day type of gossip, despite how far fetched it is.


Luhan’s China Workshop Officially Denies Rumors that He’s Secretly Married and Has a Baby — 7 Comments

  1. I hate rumors. My Park Shinhye also get many rumors. That is why I don’t like. Ugghh

  2. Haha this is going to top every scandal this year and last if it’s true. But I don’t think it is from the sheer absurdity of the claim. Stranger things have happened though (like LJA and Seo Taiji for example) so who knows what the truth really is.

  3. I dunno if this is true. O__O But it reminds me of Wu Chun’s story. Except that one was kinda already a known “secret” in his hometown.

  4. hahahhahaha.. this is a hilarious rumor, but hey, who knows.. people make mistakes, right? but seriously, first time read this i was lol-ing.. Luhan?? is it one of the reasons he left exo?? who knows. but rumor is rumor. 🙂

  5. LOL I’m trying to visualize what the netizen was thinking when he/she came up with that rumor. Like what in the world gave you that idea or that this absurd situation would be believed by the public.

    I don’t think I’ll ever be prepared for the day Luhan gets married and starts a family, but I’m glad that at least it’s not today and that I’m not informed in this manner.

  6. funny rumor lol.
    every idol star who success always have a bad rumor.
    luhan is popular. and i think that rumor from people who didnt like luhan.
    i will trust this rumor if they have a evidence.
    but if this rumors are true.i organize his life.

    sorry for my bad english.

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