Korean-Chinese Rom-com Web Drama Starts Filming with Jung Il Woo, Jin Se Yeon, and Sistar’s Bora

The steady cross-over of Korean actors and actresses into Chinese acting projects, whether dramas or movies, continues unabated and might now even include certain folks audiences might be happy to see migrate to China. Filming is starting on a new Korean-Chinese joint production web drama called Great One-sided Love (高品格單戀), produced by an experienced Korean PD while Chinese web portal Sohu is footing the bill and will be exclusively airing the drama come this September.

A Korean PD at the helm indicates the style will skew towards K-drama type rom-com feels, with a story straight out of classic Hallyu opposites attract set up, with the male lead described as an arrogant perfectionist who experiences the greatest one-sided love ever when he meets an innocent country girl with zero real world experience. I’m too scared to headdesk lest I actually break my desk with one smash, that’s how eye rolling the synopsis sounds to me. Even more worrisome? The leads are Jung Il Woo, who mostly stars in stinkers, and Jin Se Yeon, who has a reputation for stinking up any joint.

In addition to Jung Il Woo and Jin Se Yeon, her costar from Dr. Stranger Bora of girl group Sistar is also joining this production as the second female lead. I found Bora easy and watchable in DS but didn’t strike me as having additional untapped acting talent beyond what she showed onscreen in that performance. Her presence here feels like eating white bread, nice eye candy as filler but nothing memorable in good or bad ways.

I’m assuming the whole thing will go down with so many cliches the audience will lose count – Jung Il Woo acting cocky but styled all hot while Jin Se Yeon is going to be the Candy of all Candys with her wide-eyed cluelessness that gets him all hot and bothered enough to fall into a one-sided love. I can’t even call this a potential trainwreck because it has hot mess written all over it from the get go. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, plenty of hot mess dramas are super fun to watch in a snark-filled cheerful way.


Korean-Chinese Rom-com Web Drama Starts Filming with Jung Il Woo, Jin Se Yeon, and Sistar’s Bora — 29 Comments

  1. Stinking up any joint ? Are you blaming her for ruining a drama that wasn’t written by her ? You can’t hand an actor a script like the night watchmen or ds and expect it to come out as good as its okay that’s love or kill me heal me.there’s only so much someone can do when given a badly written script by a writer who admits to listing and adding fan service to his dramas.

  2. People always come after jsy like it’s her fault the writing of the drama wasn’t good ,look at ig ,everyone loved her from ep 1-10 then the writer changed and screwed up her character, I don’t blame her from signing off ,you’re overacting as usual, you guys are never satisfied with anything are you ?she’s doing a 15 minutes an episode drama that you guys mostly won’t watch but still complaining.

  3. Its not the writing its JSY ahem acting.
    Just when you think you can’t be any worse, I saw her in one variety show & its dang!

    For one even an idol-actress like Bora acts better than JSY.

  4. Trashing someone else besides gu hye sun and ahn jae hyun….
    Always calling ppl all kinds of “names”… Stinker etc.
    No matter how much we like your site, you choose really terrible words to describe the actors.

    • While it’s not nice, it is her blog, her opinion, and her way of expressing herself.

      If you don’t agree don’t read it. I don’t always agree with her choice of words, but honestly I agree with the underlining idea (most of the time).

      No one was called a stinker by the way, it was a word used to describe dramas that jung il woo chooses.

      • Same to you. If you don’t like my reply you don’t have to reply to it. What’s your problem – koala doesn’t need you to butt in.
        Well your words stink – but I am not calling you a stinker.

      • And what about koala’s phrase on Jin Se Yeon stinking shows? Are you purposely missing out that phrase? I can read English – it’s you who is having problems.
        Go and defend some other needy people. Koala doesn’t need a puppy.

      • And lastly I know it’s her blog. If she didn’t want any comments, she wouldn’t have have this commentary site.
        Just don’t tell me my mother is a woman and it’s annoying to read such replies. They stink!

      • Chill out. Don’t get all worked up now.

        I only have two things to say. One, just because I say something to defend someone it implies I’m their puppy? Okay. Great deduction skills. Two, she said JSY is stinking up shows. The word is used as a verb. That doesn’t necessarily say JSY is a “stinker,” which used in the right context is a noun. Therefore no one was called a stinker. Let’s not write about who is better at English, that’s childish. :3

        Just because my words are different than your opinion my words stink now? I just suggested you not read her words if they offend you (because I don’t always agree with her either), and I get attacked not only on my intelligence level but also get called someone’s pet?

        Keep speaking to everyone with that attitude, I’m sure you’ll get far in life. 🙂

        Oh and if I don’t reply later it’s because it’s not worth it, so don’t get even more upset.

      • What’s wrong to be a pet?
        It’s annoying to see people standing up on behalf of koala even when she trashed shows and actors.
        Don’t go around telling people whether they will go far in life when you can’t do the same… If u sided koala who calls people stinkers then you should think twice how you can far you can go in life…

  5. Nowadays we can’t expect anything. Something cliche with just average actings could be a hit and something with high quality directing/story + perfect actings could be just so-so accepted. And not to mention foreigner taste and korean taste also sometimes different.

    Out of topic. I’m wondering about one thing, why korean dramas not try to make remake from their old hit dramas? I saw several times chinese, taiwanese, hongkong, mexican and brazilian dramas did remake from their old dramas and again those dramas got hit. Take example, how many times I saw remake from Sinha Moca (Brazilian drama) and still it got hit. Do you guys have any ideas about this (since k-dramas have lot of high quality and hit ratings dramas in the past). Notice, I mean remake not sequel because I’m pretty sure sequel always did bad compare to the previous series in any countries too.

    • I only heard of one remake: Yoona’s Street from Seoul Moon(?) But you’re right I’m curious why they don’t do remakes too…

  6. Am I the only one who can’t stand to watch these crossovers because of the dubbing? It’s so awful it doesn’t even feel like the Korean actors are acting.

  7. why does a good actor like J2W want to star in a drama with lifeless JSY? she suck at acting.
    maybe the drama have lot of kiss secne so he just want to kiss her. even then her kiss secne is always press lip. unless he doing all the work like LJK did in doctor stranger. think am going to pass this one. just cant get through a drama were JSY is the lead. her lifeless acting always ruin the drama for me.

  8. Well I hope Bora was the lead girl. I find her really talented as pop idol. She should be given roles that could challenge her and further improve her, she deserves it, she’s sexy and beautiful! The eyecandy legs of Bora, I’m so jealous!

  9. ‘Jin Se Yeon who has reputation stinking up any join’ wew that too harsh. It looks like most of her drama bad, because her. Dont forget about the script and others cast. Five Finger, Inspiring Generation and Doctor Stranger are not well written since begining and all lead male and female fans blame her like they oppa and her fave has doing well and JSY ruin it. Have you been watch Bridal Mask (I’m sure koala didnt watch because his feeling towards Joo Won) or My Daughter is The Flower (I’m sure not everyone watch this drama because the episode was too long)? I’ve watched that drama, and I like her performance. Just because everyone give bad comment it doesnt mean everyone agreed. Theres some viewers like me who thinks that shes not that bad and shes not stinked too, why people always blame her and said shes bad? Shes not good in acting but shes not that bad. Everyone just made up and hyperbolic like shes the most worst actress. Some people try to attack her personal life with rude comment although they didnt knew the truth. I think we should knew what the difference between critics and cyber bulliying (as a lawyer I think koala knew the different) I didnt say koala commit cyber bullying but some comment could be the one. I hope as owner from this blog koalas consider it. I knew you just express your thought but I think we should respect too.

    • Thea that’s nice of you.
      But some people like riri who thinks it’s ok for anyone to publish that JSY stinking up shows. That was a very rude comment and I am not even a fan of JSY
      I especially can’t stand riri’s defense of koala – what is her problem and she denies being a puppy – licking up to koala and standing up for koala.

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