Giordano CF Couple So Ji Sub and Shin Mina Confirmed for KBS Rom-com Drama Oh My God

First there was Oh My Ghost this summer, now get ready for Oh My God coming this fall. A big drama casting news broke yesterday in a double serving of awesome – So Ji Sub and Shin Mina are confirmed as the leads for upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Oh My God. This comes on the heel of another upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama called I Live Alone being developed, with rumored leading lady Moon Chae Won, so it’s not clear which one will come before the other.

Shin Mina accepting this drama is the nail in the coffin for SBS drama Will You Have Dinner with Me being a no go, which was basically a given after Yongpal took over the time slot. Oh My God is about a pair of childhood friends who meet up again as adults and end up falling in love when undertaking a weight loss program together. If So Ji Sub and Shin Mina can convince audiences they need to lose weight then what has the world come to? But then again, if they spend the entire drama staring deeply into each other’s eyes and/or making out then I’ll buy whatever cockamamie diet set up is used to get them together.

Producing Oh My God will be the production company of the currently airing cable drama My Love Eun Dong. The production sure knows how to cast sizzling leads, that’s for sure.


Giordano CF Couple So Ji Sub and Shin Mina Confirmed for KBS Rom-com Drama Oh My God — 17 Comments

  1. I’m so excited. It seems liked we weren’t going to see Shin Mina ofn screen for awhile, and I love her presence. Double love for a coupling that should have plenty of chemistry!

  2. i don’t know Shin Min Ah is a big name in acting in Korea, to me only known as acting cute, famous in CF and with ex Top girlfriend.

  3. I like the idea of seeing them in a drama, but So Ji Sub and Shin Mina in a weight loss program??? it does not compute. though it’s early yet. surely later on the premise will make some sense.

  4. OHMYGOD ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!!!!! Wuuuaaaahhhhh. Their visuals…who’s going to take responsibility if my computer overheats from their flaming charisma??? haha

  5. If the plot is similar to the Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng movie “Love on a Diet” i think it would be totally cute! Maybe they will wear fat suits like wat Andy and Sammi did?

  6. Oh that will be great! i missed SJS so much and SMA is very cute. i hope they’ll have a sizzling chemistry they look good together..

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