Bu Bu Jing Xin Movie Time to Love Releases Hilariously Awful Comedic Trailer

If I didn’t love Bu Bu Jing Xin so much, the novel and the C-drama adaptation, I might be tempted to call it quits with the upcoming alterna-universe C-movie version Time to Love which is coming out in a few weeks. I don’t mind the streamlined take on the source novel, reducing the time-traveling heroine love triangle to just Ruo Xi with 4th Prince and his full blooded younger brother 14th Prince. It doesn’t negate the original story much like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies doesn’t diminish the original work.

I’ve also loved all the teasers, posters, and movie stills so far, so this is the first time the production has rubbed me the wrong way with the latest batch of promos. Either it was meant as a joke, or someone crazy person got a hold of the editing button, but the latest movie preview was cut as some sort of wacky laugh-a-minute reel with every single scene cringeworthy. On top of that, there is an English voice doing a voiceover! Holy drama gods this much be watched and collectively snarked about. The second set of movie posters are also a let down from the first really emotionally evocative ones. Sigh, please don’t trip up at the final stretch, BBJX the move!

I still think the movie has a good chance of being watchable and even pretty darn good on its own merits, with leads Ivy Chen, Shawn Dou, and Tony Yang all looking awesome in their roles.

Comedic trailer for Time to Love (Bu Bu Jing Xin the movie):


Bu Bu Jing Xin Movie Time to Love Releases Hilariously Awful Comedic Trailer — 9 Comments

  1. Goodness gracious. I was, still am, loving the latest MV of the movie. I don’t understand how on earth they decided to come up with a comedic trailer. I get that they may not want to come up with heavyweight devastation, but surely they can add the romantic flavor?? Let’s hope the trailer doesn’t reflect the actual direction of the movie, but rather to attract a certain audience. With the English narration, the trailer is probably not targeted to Chinese/Asian audience (or those who are familiar with BBJX the novel and drama). I hope we will see a better trailer come showing time!

  2. What in the world of wackos?!?
    Lol. Gotta give it a trip still. If only the two lead guys are more of an eye candy. :p

  3. Hahahah! Hilarious trailer. But in all honesty I don’t think the movie will be as comical as the trailer. Perhaps the person creating this trailer was attempting to show the light-hearted side of this movie? The English voice over was a total fail, but I loved the scenes showed in this trailer. So beautiful

  4. Hm, I’m hoping that the English voiceover means they’re planning to release this in American theaters. *crosses fingers* Overall, a pretty odd trailer considering the source material, but at least it was fun to watch.

  5. Totally bizzare and schizophrenic!! I got such wonderful angsty romance feel from the first trailer and this one… oh boy, gave me whiplash of the worst kind!

  6. Jeezus the trailer wasn’t that bad. I was expecting some ridiculous mess but it just looks like a regular rom-com trailer. The movie isn’t going to be dramatic and angsty the whole time, so they’re just showing the comedic parts of it.

  7. I can see that it’s a totally different twist of the novel. 😮 Seems like many flashback between times as well? I would love to see this even I loved the dramaticness of BBJX which makes it totally memorable.

    Personally would love to see the 8th Prince too. But then 14th Prince and 4th Prince seems to be quite an equal competition.

    Would love to seem an happy ending though.

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