Moon Geun Young and Kang Ji Hwan in Talks for KBS Drama I Live Alone

If this casting discussion ends up confirmed on both sides then it’ll be the biggest drama casting surprise news for me in 2015 so far. And with the drama year basically mapped out until year end, likely nothing will come along to top this doozy of a potential drama pairing. Just as I wrote about Kang Ji Hwan skipping out on K-ent to do one of those trendy Korean-Chinese joint productions, news breaks that he’s in talks with KBS for an upcoming drama to air in late 2015. That’s fantastic news for me since I love watching him onscreen, but definitely puts a new spin on multi-tasking.

Kang Ji Hwan has reportedly been offered the male lead in upcoming Mon-Tues rom-com I Live Alone (I’m Home Alone), while the even bigger news is that Moon Geun Young has been offered the female lead. This is the drama that I shared the casting rumor last week surrounding a potential drama return vehicle for Moon Chae Won, but looks like it’s a different Moon the production ended up in serious talks with. This marks the second time this year Moon Geun Young’s name has been attached to a K-drama, with her considering the female lead in High Society before ultimately passing. Both Kang Ji Hwan and Moon Geun Young have a solid track record working with the network – his last drama was Big Man while five years ago she did Cinderella Unni and Mary Stayed Out All Night the same year on KBS.

In addition to Kang Ji Hwan and Moon Geun Young, reportedly Jeon Hye Bin is already a lock as the second female lead, continuing her great experience working with KBS with last year’s Joseon Gunman. I love her so having her in this cast is a reassuring sign already, not to mention she has a good track record of picking good dramas. Directing I Live Alone is the PD of Healer, Ohlala Spouses, Man of Honor, and Baker King Kim Tak Gu, while writing is the relative newbie writer of My Secret Hotel and Goodbye Wife.

In addition to getting the leads locked down, I Live Alone may be vying for premiere date with another KBS drama Oh My God which has already confirmed So Ji Sub and Shin Mina. The latest articles all say I Live Alone will air in October after Taming Mother-in-law, which follows after the currently airing I Remember You. If that’s the final arrangement then Oh My God will air following after that, but I say it all depends on which drama gets it cast locked down and ready to roll first. I don’t want to count my eggs before it hatches but holy drama gods Moon Geun Young and Kang Ji Hwan. MAKE IT HAPPEN KBS!


Moon Geun Young and Kang Ji Hwan in Talks for KBS Drama I Live Alone — 34 Comments

  1. Nowadays, I more care about who’s the script writer rather than the stars in it. I got trauma from several projects where the top stars in it that got failed due to the writing….lol. My Secret Hotel was meh and another writing not familiar to me. So I won’t be surprise if they rejected it.

  2. Lmfao I wouldn’t call Big Man or Marry Stayed out all Night as solid track record. But I did have a look at their resumes and they both haven’t had a commercial and ratings success in eons so…

    Glad MCW skipped. The writing team is too shady.

  3. This is the reason why i love Moon Chae Won and watch everything shes in…she looks like an actress whose really destined for a good project..really glad shes skipped this drama..coz i dont belive this writing teams at all..Lee Kyung Hee give a f*cking offer to MCW please….

    • Writings is something that you can’t trust nowadays and a lot of celebrities suffered from it and Yeah,I hope MCW could pick up a good drama or at least a decent one..

    • Have you ever read the official news that MCW was being courted for this drama ? Duh -_- It’s just a rumour. Don’t worry, MCW will back with a massive hit just like her fans want.

  4. Oh my gosh, praying that my lovely MOON GEUN YOUNG accept it. Please, MGY we’re really dying to see you…

  5. Tbh I was hoping Moon Geun Youn would stay away from dramas for a bit and just do films considering how things have played out for her in the last two years. It doesn’t help that I haven’t liked anything KJH has done in the last few yer. I just hope the production team/script is decent if they do decide accept this.

  6. I’m glad it is not Moon Chae Won. I think she had left a message on DC for her fans to wait a little longer bcoz’ she haven’t meet a project yet that interest her..

  7. So envious
    Why would Moon Geun Young stay away from kdrama ?? It’s not her fault that she is highly demanded! And for fans of MCW be aware she was never a candidate for this drama, Why continue to talk about it “?!?” I would be happy to see Oppa with the talented MGY work together whatever the outcome, their fans will be excited to see, no one is immune to failure
    Good luck Oppa, bogoshipo!

  8. Hmmmm…this is not a OTP that ever crossed my thoughts but I’m desperate to have Moonie back on screen. Crossing all fingers and toes that this would be a great drama if she accepts.

  9. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let MGY say no! I so want to see KJW back and Jeon Hye Bin too, but I don’t think I could endure MGY, even for those two. So very sad right now.

      • Kindly delete this park-shin-hye-is-on’s comment…it’s a curse word in Hindi. How can you post such abusive language here….just because someone doesn’t like your favorite!

  10. 1st of all, don’t bring Moon Chae Won in this article cause its been said that, they mistook her! She was never a candidate for this drama, altho I Miss Chae Won too in drama land. This two Moons are really in demand actress♥ lastly, to @stuart if you can’t endure MGY then DON’T WATCH (if MGY say yes to this drama) simple as that, why waste your time if you don’t want to see her. LOL:)

    Moon Geun Young unnie~ fighting! ☺

    • @jaeeun I almost certainly WON’T watch if MGY is in it. But since that’s not confirmed yet, and since I really like KJH and JHB, I’m exercising my right of free speech to express my devout wish that they be in a Drama without MGY, so that I can see them together.

      • After I read all the not so good feedback about this esp. the writer. My realization hit me, I’ll support your preach and sincerely wish that Moonie won’t accept this drama, MGY deserves better, she’s not those typical actress tho 😀 😀 😀 One more, I hope KJH will accept this, to satisfy your desperation~ hakhakhakhak

  11. Pls make it happen, Yes. Missing Kang Ji Hwan big time in a k-drama with his absolutely brilliant acting skills which is only and totally KJH!

  12. MGY…just accept okay! I’ll watch it no matter what. Missing u soo soo badly. Isn’t she a homebody? This could be a perfect fit for her..and I like My Secret Hotel. And she always did better than script so why worry…:)

  13. I am happy that it was a wrong rumoured about CW being offered for this drama. But I’m also not sure I want MGY to be in this either since the writer doesn’t have a good track record. Anyways, will support her if she said yes and hope for the best for her.

  14. KBS is crazy this year after SJS n SMA they courting Kang Ji Hwan n Moon Geun Young but sadly except Producer their drama have low rating *sigh*

    • KBS always has the highest ratings in their daily dramas though. And they have Unkind Woman with average around 12%. MBC seems good in every time slot dramas whether weekdays or weekend.

      • currently SBS did well on week day prime time (mon to thu) especially on wed-thu but they suck hard on weekend

    • Pruducer average rating is 12.5% that’s not that high either especially for weekender.
      for week days (prime time) the highest rating for KBS so far is unkind women with 12.1% average rating

      • Firstly, Producer was an experimental drama in an experimental time slot so its not the usual weekender. It was also competing with the 3rd season of 3MaD on fridays and long running makjang weekenders on saturday for almost half to 2/3 of its episode run (the episodes were 80-100 min long). The show is also the ONLY miniseries show to have surpassed the 15% mark since MLFTS (it had 17.7% in the finale nationwide and 20% in the capital). So considering all that, I would say SBS+MBC would kill (figuratively) to have such amazing numbers for any of their short dramas. If Producer had more episodes, who knows what it might’ve gotten. But def its the biggest ratings hit to come out for a miniseries in a veryyyy long time.

  15. I love MGY to pieces but just hope this time a good story line drama ..I hope she will make the right choices and KJH is a good co-star if they come to confirm Hwaiting

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