Chen Qiao En and Jerry Yan to Make Cameo in TW-movie Our Times as the Grown Up Lead Characters

I’m so happy that many folks enjoyed the sneak peeks at upcoming TW-movie Our Times, one of those coming-of-age movies set in more idyllic times that never gets old as long as it’s done right. The two young leads Vivian Sung and Darren Wang are also knocking it out of the park already in just the trailers, both really digging into their wallflower and school thug characters with gusto. It helps that they are oozing adorable chemistry wrapped in a story line that is sure to turn the tear ducts on towards the end when it seems like he disappears from her life.

Luckily most Taiwan projects, be it dramas or movies, aren’t skimpy on the spoilers and one was readily evident in the movie trailer – A-list actress Chen Qiao En shows up as the grown up version of Vivian’s character. The bigger secret trump card is Jerry Yan playing Darren’s grown up character, with Jerry and Chen Qiao En snapped filming in Taipei last year for this movie, confirming a happy ending is in sight down the road. Whew, this one is so not worth going for some highbrow sad ending just for the sake of hammering home growing pains. Check out the spoiler pics below as well as the just released official movie theme song MV with more movie scenes.

I also loved the music played in the movie trailer and turns out there’s a good reason, the theme song will be songstress Hebe Tian’s melancholy and hopeful soft ballad “Little Bit of Lucky”. Have a listen below to the full track.

Official Movie Theme Song MV Hebe Tian “Little Bit of Lucky”:


Chen Qiao En and Jerry Yan to Make Cameo in TW-movie Our Times as the Grown Up Lead Characters — 26 Comments

  1. I need this in my life right now. I’ve been waiting for a solid rom com to come around. This looks awesome. so many feels. I love it.

  2. Looks goods. Totally dig the bad boy and wallflower concept. Reminds me a tad bit of mars drama of Vic n Barbie. Sniff sniff.

    And srsly will Jerry ever let go of dao mingsi do? lol

  3. thank you for sharing this article. looking forward for your future post regarding this movie ‘our times’. it reminds me of reply 1997 and in a good way drama. excited to watch this movie.

  4. The last TW movie that I absolutely love was Secret. And this movie Our Time looks like it has so much heart!! Last school romance film that I loved was Crazy little thing called love- Thailand movie. So can’t wait for this to come out.

  5. YESSSSSSS!!!! I loved it when I saw Jo Chen in the trailer as the grown up version but I love it even more that Jerry will be Darren’s grown up version!! LOVEEE!! Super Excited!!!

  6. OMG YES

    Everything you post about this movie makes me so happy. :))))

    Thanks, koala!

    I really really hope it reaches my country.

      • Still here. Hehe

        I hope it turns out great and hope you can watch it and weigh in with your review, koala. 🙂

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS 😀 The mv is so cute, sweet, swoony and heart-tugging. I’m half-in-love with the thug already. Can’t wait for this.

  8. OMG! I’m going to watch this! Waaahh… The story is cute and it is the first time that Joe Chen and Jerry Yan to be together. Will there be a kiss scene? Hahaha! I’m going crazy!

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