Complete Scenes of Jerry Yan and Chen Qiao En’s Cameo in Hit TW-movie Our Times to be Included in Director’s Cut Release

This past summer saw a homegrown Taiwan movie win the box office and the hearts the movie going audience. Coming of age romance Our Times starring Vivian Sung and Darren Wang exploded at the box office and did better than any pundits could have expected, though I wasn’t surprised since the movie looked fantastic from first glance and never stopped impressing in previews alone. I don’t want to ruin the experience watching bootleg copies of the flick so will wait for the proper release on video streaming to check it out, but the box office take of this movie currently places it on the top 6 Taiwanese movies of all time, and might even overtake the only other romance movie on the list with You Are the Apple of My Eye. Vivian and Darren have hit major stardom thanks to this movie, but it’s also been a treat to see established Taiwanese top stars Chen Qiao En and Jerry Yan do cameos. Sadly their scenes were cut in half in the theatrical release due to time constraints but will reportedly show up in the director’s cut release. Included is the scene in this pics showing the two almost meeting but not quite yet. Awwww, I love these types of scenes! Continue reading