Lego Lee Pairs Up with Rising Young Actress Allison Lin for SETTV Friday Drama Love Cuisine

My wait for Lego Lee to return to the small screen will soon be satisfied when upcoming SETTV Friday night drama Love Cuisine (Chinese title Cuisine High School Student) premieres next week. For starters, this one already looks better than his last drama Aim High by virtue of his leading lady alone – he’s paired up with current drama It Girl Allison Lin, who has been dominating the drama news in Taiwan for the first half of the year as the leading lady in period drama Haru, set in the Japanese colonial era in Taiwan. I’ve never understood the appeal of Yao Yao (Guo Shu Yao), and putting her front in center with Lego in AH was mindbendingly bad.

I haven’t watched Allison in Haru, despite the high ratings of the drama and the good reviews she’s been garnering, but am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. I like Kristen Jen a lot but it’s not because she’s a good actress and more because of her warm onscreen appeal, so all Allison needs to do is emote properly while not affecting an annoying acting aura and that should be fine. I don’t even need to comment on Lego because he works as any type of character, but his hair here is cause for concern for how it makes him look mildly douchey. I’m excited for the drama and have very low expectations so hopefully the end result is as easy and enjoyable to watch as Sunday drama When I See You Again.

I normally don’t like girls with really short hair, it’s a personal preference only, but Allison looks great with this stylish boy cut that actually has shades of the popular K-drama male lead hair these past few years. I hope Lego lets his slicked back sorta pompadour down often, but on the upside it totally takes me out of any flashbacks to his Liu Chuan from In a Good Way.

Love Cuisine Filming BTS:

Love Cuisine theme song Dino Lee “Shout”:

Love Cuisine theme song Bii “Love More”:


Lego Lee Pairs Up with Rising Young Actress Allison Lin for SETTV Friday Drama Love Cuisine — 10 Comments

  1. I love Lego and am glad to see him back onscreen ( I’m still holding out for that movie settv!!) But can someone tell me what on earth is he wearing during the press conference?! That bothered me more than his slicked back hair

  2. I saw Allison in Haru. She was fine, although she didn’t really wow me or anything. Very typical tw drama for me in terms of her acting. Sometimes I feel like they just spit out lines. In any case, I liked the drama. I saw the Haru press conference footage and she seemed cute there. Maybe I’ll give this one a try. 🙂

  3. I’m not getting chemistry from them (judging only from the pictures), but I’m willing to check out the first episode. I’m hoping this is a winner for Lego.

  4. Aww… I hope you can write a little more on Sunday drama, When I See You Again (you mis-typed it as Wish to See You Again, btw), haha! I liked ep1 of Love Cuisine, it reminds me of old school high-school dramas 麻辣鮮師 and also 智勝鮮師 (which stars Jasper Liu in his earlier days), many huge tw-stars came out from 麻辣鮮師 so I think SETTV is trying to promote rookie actors and actresses here too.

    Lego Lee’s character is very charismatic and Allison Lin is doing a fine job, they look unexpectedly good together (They actually give off similar vibe off screen to me, ha!). I wasn’t feeling this couple at first but they fit their roles as teachers to a perfect tee.

  5. Allison Lin is very cute,hope this couple able to come to Indonesia for promoting Love Cuisine, I really enjoy this drama ,quite funny and romantic .Thanks for all crew for your best acting ?

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