Yoon Eun Hye Confirmed for Season 2 of Chinese Fashion Reality Show The Goddess’s New Outfit

Preparations are underway for the second season of popular Chinese fashion competition show The Goddess’s New Outfit. The Chinese title has changed slightly from 女神的新衣 (The Goddess’s New Clothes) to 女神新装 (The Goddess’s New Outfit). The final casting line up of five goddesses includes the sole Korean entertainer in Yoon Eun Hye, Taiwanese model actress Bea Hayden, and three Chinese actresses in Ying Er, Zhang Yu Qi, and Zhou Wei Tong. The show will be a Project Runway-esque design and stage program, with the actresses working with their own design partner to tackle a theme per show and design around it. While it seems like a random choice as Yoon Eun Hye’s next project, she does have a well known love of design and fashion so perhaps this is exactly what she feels like doing rather than picking a K-drama that most likely will end up a dud. Looking forward to checking out Yoon Eun Hye in action as a designer, and getting some new design ideas for the fall.


Yoon Eun Hye Confirmed for Season 2 of Chinese Fashion Reality Show The Goddess’s New Outfit — 25 Comments

    • While I have been watching Mask, I can’t help thinking how perfect the part would have been for her. Plus we already know how well she connects with Joo Ji Hoon. Sigh.

      • @Skelly – I was thinking the same thing about YEH would’ve been perfect for Mask too while watching it. The actress currently playing the main lead is very good though, but I couldn’t help thinking YEH would’ve been great on it with JJH as they both co-starred in Goong/Princess Hours. I didn’t even recognized him while watching Mask at first because I haven’t seen him in other K-Dramas other than Goong, so I kept thinking he looked familiar in the first few episodes, sure enough it was him. It would’ve been a nice reunion between YEH and JJH.

  1. Are those models are chinese? Don’t have mixed blood? Or no plastic surgeries? Gosh…they’re so beautiful.

    I don’t know why Yoon Eun Hye doesn’t has any interest for dramas these years. Maybe no good projects or she really does’t wanna comeback anymore and focus on movies. I still hope she’ll back and have chance to do dramas with some of my favorite oppas, Jo In Sung ( he doesn’t have any failed project yet and always select good projects), Eric Mun (they should complete their business during X Man days lol) or So Ji Sub (my calm oppa) or reunion with Gong Yoo would be perfect.

  2. Tbh, it’s not a bad idea for her to just stick to movies and varieties. If she’s going to star in dramas like MC, LTM, IMY then I can’t see why her career isn’t better off in Chungmuro where at least failures are less remembered and emphasized on.

  3. one more picture ? this is my fave :


    She said she wants to do more movies. I hope she’ll choose her next acting project soon now that she just finished school for her post grad study last June. But first, let us enjoy the other talents Yoon Eun Hye can offer us. Her 2nd self directed short film entitled “Red Eye” is also coming. Looking forward to Yoon Eun Hye as a designer and a director.

  4. Noooo! I’m pulling my hair in disbellief. I want her to do a drama, not another Chinese variety show. Anyway, always hope her do well with any project that she has chosen.

  5. Well, as much as I’d love to see her in a new K-Drama, but there hasn’t been any news of her doing a new one anytime soon or for later this year and it’s almost August. This is at least better than not seeing her on TV at all. I’ll definitely watch this just for YEH. Hope there’s an English subs too. She’s good on Variety shows, so I’m sure she’ll be good on this one especially that she’s into designs. Now, I wonder when her new movie After Love is coming out ’cause it’s almost August and still no trailer. Hopefully, it’s still going to be release before the end of this year.

  6. I so want to see her in a drama again, or a movie even I’m not picky. BTW, I don’t get what people think is wrong with I Miss You, I loved that drama so much. That first picture looks nothing like her no matter in which position I look at it. She’s so pretty.

  7. i miss you suck. the lead guy bore me so much. i have to drop the drama.
    yoon eun hye need to do another drama with gong yoo.

  8. I Miss You was not that bad IMO. Although the script sucked, the three leads made it less terrbile with their acting wises. I love it to pieces in the first part. The script was highly potential and well writen at first, but then it suddenly went downtrend in the second part and ended up in most riddilulous way that you can hardly imagine. The character developments were weird, too. And for all the three leads.

    That insane screenwriter forced her second male lead Harry Borrison (Yoo Seung Ho) to be a big bag of crazy to make it resonable for the female lead Zoe Lu (my beloved YEH) to choose her childhood sweetheart Han Jung Woo (Park Yoo Chun) instead of the guy who was allways by her side for the whole rough time of her life… Finally, this sreenwriter sent him to an insane assylum to “save his life”, this doesn’t make a sense to me at all. What a dumb way to end a story I have no idea. And no surprise with low ratings.

    Anyway, all the three leads improved their acting skills a lot by this frustrating drama. By the way, YEH kissed PYC quite a lot in this drama but I saw no chemistry between them. It’s not like when she was with YSH, they made me feel like they were born to be with each other. It was such a great chemistry despite their large age gap, that I do hope they will reunion in another drama very soon. Seeing them onscreen as lovely noona – donsaeng lovers and I’ll die a happy fan. ^^

  9. YEH is a multi-talented lady, she will bounce back. Maybe this is the break she needs, who knows. I wish her the very best, she has her life to live, just like we all do…of course she will make mistakes, that is part of being human. Who among us are perfect.

    I thought the female lead, in mask, reminded me of YEH. At the time, I wondered if anyone else thought that too.

  10. I miss her so much,im happy for her because shes doing the thing that she wants,but i also miss seeing her in k drama..eun hye fighting?

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