Filming Commences on Chinese-Korean Web Drama Starring Jung Il Woo and Jin Se Yeon

This upcoming drama may or not may interest most viewers, but it’s happening come hell or high water so my take is to see what comes of it. Filming has commencing on Korean-Chinese joint production web drama High Class One-sided Love (High End Crush), or something like that because the original title was The Greatest One-Sided Love No One’s Ever Seen Before and it’s not always evident which title gets the final nod of approval. Starring Jung Il Woo, Jin Se Yeon, and Bora of Sistar, the drama is about an entertainment agency head honcho played by Jung Il Woo who spots raw talent in country bumpkin girl played by Jin Se Yeon, and ends up falling head over heels for her in an unrequited crush.

The drama is being co-financed by Chinese web portal Sohu, and will premiere there this October, along with a Korean production company putting in the man power and K-drama filming expertise. I know how many folks dislike Jin Se Yeon, and she’s mostly terrible based on what I’ve seen from her, but I did really like her in Dr. Stranger when she has a good costar and exhibits good chemistry, so who knows if this pairing will end up being a decent and entertaining watch. She’s actually decently popular in China, as is Jung Il Woo, so their casting seems to hit the sweet spot of second tier Hallyu name recognition coupled with being really pretty and maybe roping in new viewers who like what they see.


Filming Commences on Chinese-Korean Web Drama Starring Jung Il Woo and Jin Se Yeon — 13 Comments

    • actually, it is not the netizens, the media used Miss J as a bait and people went with every people that worked with KHJ with J letter. Jung So Min was also mentioned.

      • But the person doesn’t even have to actually have the letter “j”in their name ,it could just be a place holder like “a” from PPL ,I wish those two can just keep it between then instead of dragging others into it .

  1. JSY going to ruin the drama like she always do. just to name a few that she ruin five finger/bridal mask/ doctor stranger. something about her lifeless acting that always make me stop watching her drama.

    • I don’t think these five dramas are bad at all. I only hope that I can find the link to watch this new drama when it airs.

  2. Looking forward to this drama…love both JSY and JIW. Too bad it’s only a web drama ao it’s going to be short about 11 ep. Hoping to see more. Can’t wait…

  3. JSY might be criticised a lot for her acting, but at least she is pleasant to see for me. she is still young and has plenty of chances to be better.

    i hope this drama turn out to be OK. Its a good step for JSY, rather than grabbing bigger scale of work, she needs to please the viewers first. she has a beauty package, her smile is sweet n pure. i think in the future, she may have do commercials a lot.

  4. Jin Se Yeon is my favorite, and yes, I know she isn’t the best actress around, but she never ruined any dramas (like some people claimed) because first of all, bias aside, it wasn’t her who chose the cast for her past dramas nor was she the one who wrote the script or directed them, so why put the blame on her? Isn’t that too immature, childish and, not to mention unfounded of you? It’s like criticizing the person just because you hate her and not because you based it on solid facts.

    Anyway, I’m excited for this web drama. This is quite a new genre for Se Yeon to try so I’m all in! I’m happy she got to be paired opposite yet another hot male leads. On another note: maybe that’s why she’s got so many haters. I bet most Jin Se Yeon’s haters are in high school or college levels. LOL.

  5. I love her ever since I watch her in SBS’s My Daughter The Flower and KBS’s Bridal Mask. Her performance is beyond expectation for a 17 year old newbie then. She ever won awards for these two drama. She improved so much since then and can’t believe that she is now 21 years of age. She is such a beauty and sweet-natured person. Good job JSY and look forward to this new drama.

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