Bu Bu Jing Xin Movie Time to Love Releases New MV for Second Melancholy Theme Song

Another week and another new Time to Love treat, with the movie version of popular novel/drama Bu Bu Jing Xin another step closer to its August 7th premiere. I can’t get over I’ve gotten more and more excited to watch this, when initially I was primed to let it pass since nothing could possibly top how perfect BBJX the drama was in translating the novel story to the screen. Two hours is nowhere near enough to adequately tell this sprawling time-travel story, but the movie manages to look promising by reducing everything to the essence of the love triangle between leading lady Ruo Xi and the 4th and 14th Princes. The first theme song MV came out two weeks ago and now there is a new MV for the second theme song to the movie, this one a ballad performed by C-singer Hu Xia. The MV features new scenes and helps erases the absurdity of the comedic trailer that painted the movie in a slapstick light. It’s back to looking moody and soul stirring, just the way I want it.

Time to Love New Theme Song MV:


Bu Bu Jing Xin Movie Time to Love Releases New MV for Second Melancholy Theme Song — 3 Comments

  1. I want to see this so badly! Even years after watching the drama and reading what I could find of the translated novel. I can’t get enough of BBJX.

  2. Very intriguing preview, must be a good romantic drama to follow. We want to watch this, good if it will be release for international viewers. Please update us KOALA! Thanks

  3. Although it may never be on par with the drama version, I still hope the movie will do it justice. The stills and clips look beautiful, but I can’t help thinking of the movie You Are My Sunshine, which is all styles and no substance *shudder*

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