SNSD Brings the Retro Glamour in Promo Stills for New Album Lion Heart

I love pretty fashion photographed prettily, and that combination is in full display in photo teasers for the upcoming 5th full length album Lion Heart from top K-pop girl’s group SNSD (Girl’s Generation). This the first full length album release since the girls went from 9 to 8, though in between they’ve dropped various singles. While I’ve liked some of the solo ballad efforts from various SNSD girls when used as OST singles, as a group I’ve never found a SNSD worth putting on my playlist.

With that said, I feel like they are nearly the end of their popularity cycle and I’ve been around the whole time watching the girls grow up, and now they are all grown in the loveliest album concept I’ve seen from them – a retro styling that borrows from various eras and combined together perfectly with each girl getting an eye-catching ensemble and backdrop. My favorite shots are Yoona in menswear on a train like she’s off for a country weekend, and Sooyoung like a 50’s housewife waiting by the door for her man to come home. Both girls nailed it in bringing the look to life.

The only bit of weirdness is seeing a dude wearing a lion head in the album posters, which is thankfully more weird than creepy.


SNSD Brings the Retro Glamour in Promo Stills for New Album Lion Heart — 9 Comments

  1. Kind of unexpected to read an article about it here but it is cool, haha.
    Not being biased but Sooyoung really looks the best here. Well all of them are gorgeous but I love how, as you said, she seems to portray a 50’s housewife waiting for husband at home. Her expression and the directing is greeeaat ! You should check her individiual picture for You Think if you havent. She looks like a freakin Greek Goddess !

    Kind of bummed that you dont find a SNSD’s song to put in your playlist. They have a lot of good ones although the Japanese ones tend to be a lot better. Time Machine is a masterpiece !

  2. I didn’t like their concept of Party. I don’t understand why korean girls tried the occidental look with blond (or light color) hair and blue eyes. It’s the same for A-Pink.

    So this concept seems more interesting.

    I hope their live will better too.

  3. What more weird is the photo of them all together second from the bottom…it’s cut off here but there’s a lion looking out under their feet and is weird as hell lol

  4. Every year, I have a hard time telling Tiffany and Taeyeon apart from pics (and sometimes MVs). I always ID the other girls first before picking the last 2 unknowns. They’re looking more the same except for certain expressions where you can tell them apart then. Sunny, Hyoyeon, & Sooyoung’s are the loveliest.

  5. i just love SNSD as a person, since im not so into KPOP musics. there are some KPOP songs that are in my playlist but im not so into it.

    but snsd are all beautiful.

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