Second Time Twenty Years Old Continues Delivering the Cheer in Adorable Teasers

The successful run of tvN drama Oh My Ghost wrapped up this past weekend and paves the way for upcoming Choi Ji Woo drama Second Time Twenty Years Old. I quite liked OMG a lot and hope for the same quality with this new drama. My big worry remains how the drama wants to tackle the romantic entanglements, to go the way of Angry Mom where it was an aside or played for laughs with the high school kid’s crush on the ahjumma, or will this drama give Choi Ji Woo a new romance along with a college student identity? Lee Sang Yoon continues to improve with all his projects and this pairing with Choi Ji Woo might be unexpectedly sparkling, with him being annoyed and excited to see his first love reappear in his life but this time as his student. I’m optimistic this drama will toggle all the sticky elements deftly since the screenwriter is So Hyun Kyung who always delivers for me.

New teasers for Second Time Twenty Years Old:


Second Time Twenty Years Old Continues Delivering the Cheer in Adorable Teasers — 9 Comments

  1. Yep, another wasted opportunity. Instead of a Drama trying something different, by telling a fresh story about a 40-ish woman reinventing herself for a new phase in life, we get yet another male-focused “first love wins in the end” story, in which the female lead, despite being the titular “lead” is reduced to an almost irrelevant plot device. CJW can always find out from JNR what THAT feels like, thanks to the recently concluded “2 brothers & some stupid woman cop”. Clearly there’s no way to even SPELL Bechdel in Korean.

    I’m going to check it out for CJW in the microsscopically faint hope that the inital synopses which painted it as being all about HER, come true. An outcome only marginally less likely than my winning Miss Korea, I know, but I’m an optimist at heart.

    • I beg to differ regarding I Remember You ^^ That show was always Lee Hyun’s story and while the first half was his arc regarding the resolving of his past during which Jang Nara featured prominently, the latter half was on the finding of his brother and the possibility of a happy ending for both. Jang Nara (whom I adore) IMO was never the main protagonist of the show. While the story wasn’t completely perfect, it was never sexist in terms of the whole ‘sole female cop in an all-male squad’ bit and always portrayed Jian as kickass and often more competent than her male coworkers. If anything I found it a HUGE step-up from most dramas. Some dramas do fail the Bechdel test, but this isn’t one of them. Now, if you’d cited Heirs or You’re All Surrounded I’d have agreed ^^

    • if that’s you being optimistic, I don’t want to know how you are when you’re pessimistic, lol. cheer up. the first episode is not even out yet.
      besides, not all dramas fail at the bechdel test. from my recollection of it, Angry Mom mentioned in the article passes it. and you mentioned Miss Korea and I think the drama by that same name also passes. And there must be more, but I’m lazy to think about them now.

  2. this drama looks so silly beyond cliche idiotic. Just what we needed another middle aged actress going back to school and finding new romance. gag….

  3. I didn’t watch the episode but I’ve been reading the drama’s recaps and I’m loving this show. Han No Ra and Hyun Seok crack ne up with their bickering ?

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