Korea Prepping Drama Version of An Officer and a Gentleman

I’ve was just catching up on banked episodes of Three Meals a Day this weekend, so hearing word that Lee Seo Jin is in talks for an upcoming K-drama is great news perfect serendipity. Lee Seo Jin has such a masculine aura and in the past played plenty of military roles like sageuk generals and commanders so this drama sounds right up his alley. Too bad his side has quickly debunked his casting but the drama still sounds intriguing to me and is worth writing about.

Production is being prepped for a K-drama version of An Officer and a Gentleman set in a marine university in Busan. The drama is slated for 20-episodes and plans to start filming this December with an eye towards a mid-2016 airing date on one of the big three networks. The drama will be the first set at a marine university and will depict the education, maturation, and romance of the students and instructors. I don’t think Lee Seo Jin’s swift rejection of this drama means much since stars have been known to back track later so it’s possible he could end up doing it.

While Lee Seo Jin is the first name officially linked to this drama, and right now he’s likely not going to end up doing it, the production went on to list the popular actors and actresses who have also received scripts for the project. Offers have reportedly gone out to Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Seok, Kim Woo Bin, Oh Yeon Seo, Park Bo Young, and Jin Se Yeon. When I saw these names it’s clear it’s just a wish list, but the drama still sounds interesting to me on the strength of the backdrop and Lee Seo Jin’s potential involvement alone. Will keep an eye out for this one, which also joins the growing list of pre-produced K-dramas.


Korea Prepping Drama Version of An Officer and a Gentleman — 27 Comments

  1. So happy that seojinnis will not be in this drama. He has played these type of roles too much that i would not be excited for him in this. I wish he would go for a romcom drama mucb like how choi ji woo is fully embracing her new role which i felt like a resonance of what she realky is based from 3 meals guesting and GOF.
    For scenarios of whatever drama he would play in the future I wish he would play a late-comer struggling and at the bottom of the totem pole Chef while the female lead is the main chef or manager. Or a PD with the likes character of Na PD. Would be awesome to see how that will go…

    • On the side note, GONG YOO would be awesome for this role..!!!
      By december he would most likely be finished filming the movies he has signed on. He can sign up forthis one for his drama comeback…

  2. OMG, such a greedy list but I realy love to see these so called 4 kings of hallyu working with eachother, It may shows their respect to one another and may lessen the tension that exists between some of their fans ( as a fan of ljs I know how many times he praised each of them in seperate interviews and expressed his respect to them in a way that I feel he may doesn’t have any confidence in himself!)

  3. I feel the male lead requires an actor in his (early) thirties – the names being bandied about (other than Lee Seo-jin) are so far off the mark it’s funny. Go Soo or Kim Kang-woo would have been my pick.

    • I absolutely agree with you about the leads age! Late late 20’s, very early 30’s but knowing how k-ent is it probably be a very young one. Richard Gere was hot in that movie, even though it was reported he was an asshole as a co-star!

  4. I hope none of those hallyu star – LMH, LSJ or KWB.
    I rather see Lee Seo Jin, Gong Yoo or Kim Rae Won – they fit the role better.

  5. Knowing LMH I this dosen’t seem like something he would take but however I’m pretty sure his the one who has the script on his lap right now. He will likely decline then the others can have it.. I believe he always targets hallyu level content

  6. All I remember about this movie is what happens to the friend and the ending (who doesn’t know the ending to this, though? it’s been parodied to death), which makes me wonder if I ever did see the entire movie. But from what I remember, this would be a coming of age, romantic drama sort of deal, right? it could work.

    If that list isn’t wishful thinking, I don’t know what is. But I think Lee Min Ho could be good in this just by merits of charisma and rocking the uniform. That’s basically how I remember Richard Gere in this movie, but again, I don’t remember much about it so I cold be wrong.

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