Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song Headline the C-drama Adaptation of Ice Fantasy

China may be mostly miss when it comes to producing quality C-dramas, but it has the budget and scope to tackle a wider range of projects, especially when it comes to fantasy stories that require a lot of post-production. Case in point the upcoming special effects laden C-drama Ice Fantasy (Chinese title translates as Fantasy Kingdom), with a big name cast and adapted from the same name novel by popular C-writer Guo Jingming who is best known for writing and directing the Tiny Times series of novels and movies.

Starring Feng Shao Feng, Victoria Song of f(x), Ma Tian Yu, and Hu Bing, the story is based on one of Guo Jingming’s earliest novels, he published it back in 2003 when he was just 20 years old. It’s the story of a fantasy land where the ice and fire kingdoms are locked in eternal rivalry, and the male lead of the prince of the ice kingdom. This is certainly a big project that lured Feng Shao Feng back to the small screen three years after he did King of Lan Ling, but I’m way underwhelmed with the choice of Victoria with her limited acting range as the female lead. Oh wells, at least the fire and ice character concept posters are super cool to look at.


Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song Headline the C-drama Adaptation of Ice Fantasy — 22 Comments

  1. is it me or did feng shao feng and victoria looked better in memory?

    I can’t understand if this is a fantasy modern drama or a ancient drama?

  2. Victoria fanboy here. Victoria is a goddess. Defo looking forward to it. Limited acting range? I dunno what it means lol Producers and directors probably know better lol

  3. I dunno what the OP’s opinion about females’ looks but in my male-chauvinistic eyes, Victoria is fucking gorgeous and the drama is definitely super eye candy thing. She has more striking features than your average korean celeb for example, and definitely has this high class luxury beauty with natural grace. Maybe her being a professional ballet dancer in the past has something to do with that. Maybe the OP is a fangirl of korean beauty ideals (like Yoona or Suzy or the likes of) like one of those koreaboos or korea-manic SEA fans lol Going through her posts, I got the impression of such. Don’t mind me if I am wrong lmao

    • No offense to you, but Song Qian looks more like the Korean beauty ideal than the Chinese beauty ideal ie she looks more like Yoona or Suzy than Tang Yan or Zhao Liying (the hottest Chinese actresses currently). Song Qian is also pretty average in terms of looks imo, there’s way better looking Chinese actresses out there with better acting range. Her casting as the female lead is likely based on fame and connections rather than acting skill. But, producers/directors often cast popular idols rather than good actors so it doesn’t surprise me that she got this lead role. This is her first lead role so we’ll see how people actually respond to her performance in this drama. Also, Ashlee Simpson was a professional ballet dancer, doesn’t mean she’s a great actress

      • Why would it be offense? lol
        -SQ definitely looks chinese lol It’s like trivially obvious that what is there to argue about… lmao Coz China is so vast that it can offer us great variety of looks. But yeah she looks chinese. Or if you say she looks korean, well, then it’s her advantage. It means she is universally beautiful.
        -I dunno about who is prettier between SQ and other chinese actresses because I never mentioned something about that. But since you mentioned it, I would say for example she is way way prettier than Fan Bing Bing. Not to mention she is naturally beautiful lol I always emphasize that. Natural beauty. What is PS? Isn’t it same as doping in sport (in the sense that you extend/strengthen your limited physical feautures/abilities by means of external procedures)? Anyway, probably you and me are different gender representatives. Hence, our opinions on woman’s looks can be different too XD
        -Btw, it’s not her 1st leading role. It’s her 5th leading role. 5th acting project.
        -Yes probably she is getting those roles through fame and connection. But who doesn’t? Her fame is result of her hard works for many years. If she managed to built good and useful connections for herself, it means she is a positive and pleasant person entertainment people are interested to work with. Btw, I hope you won’t bring up SM here? Because nowadays SM has nothing to do with the offers she is getting.
        -I brought up her dancing past because of her looks and grace not acting.

        Woah shit. I did write a looong ass multi-paragraph essay here. Pls spare me XD

      • I agree that Song Qian does look + is Chinese, but you said you didn’t agree with the OP’s opinion about SQ’s looks because the OP is a fangirl of Korean beauty ideals, but realistically, Song Qian is a lot closer to Korean beauty ideal than Chinese beauty ideal which is big eyes, small button nose, and round face. Song Qian has small eyes, long nose (her nostrils also flare which Chinese people don’t love), and a square face. I also don’t think Fan Bing Bing is beautiful because I like natural beauty as well. That’s why I like Zhao Liying, Zhao Wei, Zhang Ziyi, Mao Xiaotong, etc. But, have you seen pictures of Song Qian without makeup?? Her passport photo without makeup is shocking and honestly kind of scary. She is really not pretty. Check out a photo of SQ bare-faced next to Zhao Liying or Mao Xiaotong and you’ll see what I mean. Her skin is really bad, this dull yellow with pock marks and heavy eyebags, and she looks well over 28. Her hairline makes her look like she’s balding, and pictures of her without bangs is also scary. Admittedly, with hair and makeup, she looks good… but how much of that is real. Sorry, I didn’t know she starred in other works as the lead. Never heard of her other works. I saw one of her projects before (not as lead) and I wasn’t impressed with her acting… Maybe she’s improved, who knows. In China, you don’t really get connections/famous through being a good person unfortunately. I don’t know what SM is, but I’ve seen SQ on Happy Camp with the Palace Cast once… and she isn’t the epitome of grace… have you seen it? Chen Xiao, Bao Bei’er, and Zhao Liying was also in that episode. Maybe you’ll see what I mean… at least for me, side by side, Zhao Liying and SQ, there is just no comparison. ZLY is just so beautiful and appealing. I might not be a guy, but ZLY also won Goddess of Asia this month over SQ. Watch it and you’ll see what I mean, she’s not that pretty in comparison. Of course, I do SQ as well. She seems like a friendly person, just not so sure about her acting

      • -Ehh… SQ has small eyes? Are you sure we are talking about the same SQ? ROFLMAO
        -So I looked up the girls you mentioned. So you are fan of those kind of looks. They kind of look like teenagers lol Not mature. Esp Zhao Li Ying lol She looks funny. To me SQ is way prettier and maturely sexier than Zhao Li Ying lol But yes, compared with them SQ looks more east asian/korean.
        -No comment on passport photos because 99% of them look like wearing makeup like glowing lips and whitening powder haha.
        -“Her skin is really bad, this dull yellow with pock marks and heavy eyebags”? Are you sure someone didn’t photoshop those dots? There are some cuts from 2004 National Geographics Documentary about Zhang Ziyi where we can see 16 y.o SQ dancing in her class. She looks the same.
        -I just went through that HC episode. And I dunno what you are even talking about LOL SQ looks way prettier and hotter. LZY looks too skinny while SQ looks more athletic. And on the show SQ was more active, more bubbly, and moved a lot than ZLY. That doesnt mean she is less graceful. As I understand you are fan girl of ZLY or some other chinese actress. I know that fans of actresses tend to (subconsciosly) equal their favs to the roles they played. I understand, you imagine your bias through her costume drama roles where she played a queen/princess lol I guess that’s not bad but not good either lol

      • -In that HC episode, SQ was prettier than both of the actresses guested lol
        -Everyone gets things through connections.

      • -As an experienced fan, I can say that fans of established artists don’t really like or welcome newcomers. The dislike is either instinctive or logical. The same kind of attitude happens among kpop fandoms. As I see this applies to chinese entertainment fans as well. Maybe this is to common everywhere.

  4. Oh sorry to butt in again. You are the OP (hurray!), you run this site (amen!), you write stuff about chinese actors and actresses (god bless!). She is now a chinese actress whether you like it or not. She has her real name and surname. So I think it would be polite and formal if you use her real name Song Qian not that kpop-specific stage name Victoria f(x).
    Phew… I did post a lot here lol Gonna stop here.

    • Dude. How old are you? 12? Calm down. No need to get all worked up. If you don’t like what miss Koala says on her blog then don’t read it.

      • I can be very fucking true and that stage name is kpop-specific as I pointed out already. It’s for kpop activity. In China for her acting activities she goes by her real name. She is there as an mainland actress Song Qian not kpop idol Victoria. They (entertainers, producers, brokers, directors, media people and such) use her real name. Someone needs to get rid of her stereotypes. lol

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