Baek Jin Hee Shows Herself a Capable Juggler Opposite Daniel Choi in First Drama Teaser

I didn’t think Jugglers could be a euphemism for someone who is good at handling multiple tasks, or maybe it’s that the K-drama is using the phrase incorrectly by making it a plural noun. But then I read the synopsis and realized SBS is using Jugglers correctly and there are more than one adept juggler in this other aside from female lead Baek Jin Hee playing a people pleaser type who goes above and beyond to get things done for others. She runs a network of “jugglers”, i.e. secretaries that get the job done for their bosses in whatever field and whatever situation. She crosses paths with Daniel Choi‘s type-A boss with high standards, I’m thinking their interactions will deliver the usual K-drama sparks but wonder what the situations are in this drama to generate the momentum and narrative traction. Supporting leads Kang Hye Jung and Lee Won Geun also play their own set of capable secretary to exactly boss type so I’m guessing two separate love lines for this drama. Check out the first juggle heavy drama teaser below. Continue reading

Kim Soo Hyun and Go Doo Shim Split the Daesang at the 2015 KBS Drama Awards

Just because KBS is the ratings pits all year doesn’t mean it can’t throw a fun awards party and reward the acting talent that has attempted to infuse some excitement and life into the network’s drama. Things were going swimmingly … Continue reading

Long Preview Shows Sassy Go Go is All Ready for Cheerleading Duking it Out with Academic Achievement

Even though I was already looking forward to upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Sassy Go Go, I’m still surprised by how much I really really liked the long preview. The drama doesn’t just look promising, I’m already connected with the trials … Continue reading

Cheerleading and Friendships are the Basis of Sassy Go Go in Third Teaser and New Stills

I love it when high school dramas sweetly explores friendships in a sincere way, understanding that teens aren’t necessarily about love and angst as much as high school life is driven primarily around interpersonal interactions. Upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Sassy Go … Continue reading