The Throne Selected as the Official Korean Movie Submission for the Best Foreign Picture Oscar

For a group┬áthat just filmed a real life historical tragedy of operatic proportions, the cast of upcoming sageuk movie The Throne (Sado) continue to look positively glowing and happy while doing promotions for the movie. Clearly everyone really got along, and now they have an additional reason to be pleased as The Throne has just been selected as Korea’s official submission to the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Picture. Sweet. Makes more sense than Yoo Ah In’s fashion style being submitted to represent Korea lol.

This happening before the movie has been released shows that the submissions committee liked what they saw when given an early showing, and the selection of The Throne is comes against strong competition in well-received box office hits this year with Veteran, Assassination, and Northern Limit Line. The cast was looking super sharp at a movie talk event this week led by Song Kang Ho along with Yoo Ah In, Kim Hae Sook, Moon Geun Young, and Jeon Hye Jin. I still can’t get over how Yoo Ah In positively beams around Moon Geun Young, it’s such cute admiring fawning.



The Throne Selected as the Official Korean Movie Submission for the Best Foreign Picture Oscar — 20 Comments

  1. Congrats to all casts and it can do best in Oscar…what a wonderful year for Yoo ah in, after huge success of Veteran and now The Throne and in a few weeks for Six Flying Dragons.

  2. I really wished that Moon Geun Young got the part in Six Flying Dragon instead of Shin Se Kyung.

    I just find YAI and MGY so adorable together. They look so comfortable together.

    • I wished Moonie and YAI reunion too in Six Flying Dragons as I know Moonie always delivers in sageuk while SSK is not my cup of tea.. I had a hard time finishing TWDR because of her..

  3. Frankly speaking when MGY was casted opposite YAI in the movie, I never thght they are these cute and these matched!! YAI is cute ard Moonie! All smiles!

  4. Congrats The Throne. MGY is so pretty here…I haven’t seen her sooo pretty in a looong time. She really looks like a lady here and YAI even in that not so horrendous suit ? still looks so positively cheerful! ?

  5. Yoo ah in and Moon geun young seems comfortable with each other,and i saw some pictures and videos and it seems they seat close to each other or its just me?…

  6. Wow congratulations to the awesome Team The Throne, Well done !
    You have worked well with a high-level Steering , Love Moonie and Yoo Ah In together ,they look good together ;I hope one day they can work together again !!

  7. Song Kang Ho was surprisingly overlooked in Snowpiercer; so, he deserves like no other korean actor an Oscar nomination by all means. Apart from Kim Ki-duk, Park Chan-wook and some crime thrillers, global film community now needs to acknowledge SKH’s amazing talent.
    Besides sageuks is quite original in terms of genre ( transcends the mass conception of stereotypical Asian period movies and all that “roping”-fu); therefore international audiences might find this historical film appealing and its plot refreshingly disturbing,- a greek tragedy located in Joseon. I wish the movie the best with its global journey and let’s not forget “La vita e bella” got Best Picture nomination at the Oscars, regardless the language barrier!

  8. Yoo Ah In has become the new member of the 10 million actors club through “Veteran”. I wish “The Throne” hit box office too!

    • So far, I haven’t been impressed with YAI’s acting in Jang okjung and Secret love affair. So, I am pretty curious to see how YAI contributes his acting into Veteran. I don’t want to think the success of this movie is more mainly thanks to Hwang jung min and his incredible fame from Ode to my father. Somehow, I feel YAI is more suitable for movies rather than dramas. Anyway, still smart choice to choose to act along senior actors in the same projects.

      • Judging from the local reviews, most of them gave the rave reviews to Yoo Ah In’s transformation into a villain, which they said totally different or new from the “past/stereotype SK villains”. Hwang Jung Min is great, but Yoo Ah In made Veteran a big hit.

  9. Huh ? got selected for Oscar even not releasing at theatre yet? Hope it is not a strategy to get more audience attention before official release (though Song kang ho name only is enough for expectation). Last year, for Oscar award, they selected Seafog which did poorly at box office (can’t remember whether these two movies were selected under the same category)

  10. The right choice for the US audience given Amazon reviews of “Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong” as translated by Prof. J.K. Haboush and published by University of California Press. Lady Hyegyong is remarkable.

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