Fan Bing Bing, Li Chen, and Kris Headline New C-variety Challenger Alliance Premiering in Mid-September

I’m not sure I’ll like upcoming C-variety show Challenger Alliance quite as much as I love the Chinese version of Running Man (Hurry Up Brother), but it’s totally piquing my interest solely on the behind-the-scenes antics of the cast. The show might as well be called the Fan Bing BingLi Chen lovefest, what with casting the big name real life star couple on the same program. Joining them will be Kris formerly of EXO (Wu Yi Fan), Lin Geng Xin, comedian Da Peng, and variety guru Chen Handian, but let’s not kid ourselves in thinking most of China won’t be tuning in just for Bing Bing and her Big Black Bull.

The goofing around during filming has been a comedic treat, with the cast fan shipping the couple in the midst while crying over having zero chance to win goddess Bing Bing’s heart. There is also a hilarious three way selfie when Lin Geng Xin and Da Peng took a selfie with each other taking a selfie in the background, and then Kris one upped them by posting his own selfie of the other two doing the selfie. It super cute and makes me curious about the antics and cast chemistry, which really is the reason I love C-Running Man so much since it’s all about the chemistry.

Preview for Challenger Alliance:


Fan Bing Bing, Li Chen, and Kris Headline New C-variety Challenger Alliance Premiering in Mid-September — 16 Comments

  1. How dare this Kris dude gets casted into chinese variety show?
    I feel underwhelming with him who has “limited variety sense range”. Do you feel the same, dear Koala girl? XD

  2. The 3 selfies are hilarious! I don’t usually watch c-variety but I want to watch this as it has Fan Bing Bing, Kris and Li Geng Xin.

  3. I feel more surprised that you actually love the Chinese version of Running Man.. I follow quite a number of Chinese variety shows these days (zhenrenxiu seems to be a trend nowadays) and I can easily pick out some that are much more “well-made” than Ben Pao Ba, Xiongdi. Just curious, have you watched the Korean version of Running Man?

  4. And then Chen Haidian posted a photo posing with Kris’ photo from Weibo lol

    Who are these people in the comments…Kris was the funniest person on any EXO variety appearance and all his solo variety shows after

    • Are we watching the same show cause he was never the funniest member.
      Suho as the awkward dude.
      Sehun the person who forever cannot focus/in his own world.
      Kyungsoo with his 4D personality where even as a fan I struggle to understand what he’s doing half of the time.
      Baekhyun and Chen the naturally funny members.
      Tao also,-> if u watch him on law of jungle u get what i mean.

      He’s funnier than Kai, Chanyeol, Lay, Xiumin and Luhan.
      Yeah, he was almost top half of the group in terms of being a funny person.

      • Yes he was the one that save the show… Considering he coined two catchphrase from it: chicken not my style and galaxy boy. Most fans agree on that before he left so now some are just bitter and wouldnt want to admit that.

      • It’s hilarious that people think the stupid galaxy and chicken schtick was anything but embarrassing. It wasn’t kris being funny it was him being second hand embarrassing.

    • kris is funny? all show he was in he suck. hell tao even more funner then kris .that saying allot. only kris fangirl would find kris funny.

  5. Yeah i’m only watching it for Li Chen, Fan Bing Bing and Lin Geng Xin (that guy is so cute- reminds me of his teddy bear when he was on RM).

  6. Check out the china infinity challenge as well.. I find it pretty not bad ..
    Personally i think the china Running Man is pretty good too.. They have their own jokes and laughter .. Den after tt i happened to watch china infinity challenge.. I cant say how izzit compared go korean version as i didnt watch korean version.. Too many eps! But the china version is not bad as well..
    And coz it is ending ( all china game show only 12 eps?!?) .. I was looking around and found this c-challenger alliance .. So we shall see how it goes.. ??

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