First Look at Liu Shi Shi and Zheng Kai in Modern C-drama Precious Youth

The first stills are out for currently filming C-drama Precious Youth, and for various reasons this is one of the rare modern C-dramas I’m actually excited to watch. Starring Liu Shi Shi and Zheng Kai, the drama chronicles their friendship and romance spanning 15 years from high school well into adulthood. It sounds less like In Time With You/The Time I Loved You, and more The Way We Were (16 Summers) in that the two leads go back-and-forth between friends and lovers rather than being too scared to try out romance.

I’m excited to see Shi Shi in a modern role, and one that isn’t too demanding but at the same time allows her to leave her comfort zone of period dramas. Zheng Kai is a new find for me, his older works I’ve not watched but am thoroughly enjoying his personality and charisma as a member of the C-Running Man cast. The first batch of stills shows the two in character as high school students, with Shi Shi playing the school flower (i.e. the pretty girl on campus) while Kai Kai is the tough guy rebel. They look really in sync and the chemistry is definitely present. It’ll also be neat to watch Shi Shi in her first role since marrying hubby Nicky Wu, to see if marriage adds more layers to her acting.


First Look at Liu Shi Shi and Zheng Kai in Modern C-drama Precious Youth — 13 Comments

  1. why she playig innocent role? anit she a married woman? with old man to boost? she need to do mature role she not as innocent as she use to be. so doing this kind of role dont fit her anymore.

    • I don’t see why not if she has the acting chops. And her being married shouldn’t be a factor on whether she gets cast for a certain role, let alone who she married.

    • Wha…? What does marriage have to do with diminishing acting ability? Marriage adds more life experience is all. If she is a good actress she can pull it off – has nothing to do with her own personal “innocence”

    • Just because she’s married?? Her personal life and career is completely different. Anyway she’s only 28 plus her looks are young enough for it. Even if she isn’t her acting is good enough to act in that kind of role.

  2. I first saw Zheng Kai in a very minor role (a police officer) in Zhang Xiao Wu’s Spring, but didn’t notice him until I watched Single Princesses and Blind Dates. More recently he had the lead vs Rainie Yang in Love at Second Sight. Definitely worth a watch.

  3. What? I couldn’t recognize it’s the same Liu Shi Shi from that famous drama she did with her hubby. I’m sick so I’m having brain fart. I didn’t even recognize her name (I knew it’s familiar but I just can’t pinpoint exactly). She looks different in modern clothing but her beauty remains the same.

  4. I’m re-watching BBJX for the umpteenth time and completely in love with Shi Shi as usual. Seeing this article is like icing on my very sweet cake! I hope it would be possible to find this drama online with subs once it airs.

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