Lovely Melancholy First Teaser for Romance C-drama Precious Youth with Liu Shi Shi and Zheng Kai

I was already looking forward to modern day coming-of-age C-drama Precious Youth based on the leads and synopsis, but seeing the recently released teaser confirmed that my optimism was well placed. Starring Liu Shi Shi¬†and Zheng Kai, the drama chronicles the high school to adulthood lovers-to-friends-to-lovers saga of the two leads set against the backdrop of rapidly modernizing China from 1997 through present day 2015. I love the rebel look Zheng Kai sports in high school since he pulls it off, while Shi Shi is surprisingly fierce with the braids and top gal attitude. What I loved about the teaser was the voiceover, as the two leads talk about why they can’t move on from each other after all these years, the idea that they know what is the right thing to do but can’t actually do it because feelings are beyond the realm of pragmatism. So true dat. Shi Shi’s real life hubby Nicky Wu has already guest starred on Chinese Running Man with cast member Zheng Kai, it would be even cooler if Shi Shi did an episode of the show to promote this drama when the time comes. Continue reading