Crystal Liu, Jimmy Lin, and Liu Tao Reunite from the Classic 2003 Version of Demi-gods and Semi-devils

Now this is how to do nostalgia right, and with triple the eye candy to boot! Crystal Liu posted a reunion picture on her SNS this weekend that has all wuxia fans buzzing – she attended a dinner with the production of the 2003 C-drama adaptation of Demi-gods and Semi-devils and afterwards playfully did a martial arts pose with her two famous costars Jimmy Lin and Liu Tao, which effectively shows how much they have not aged one whit.

Whatever they are eating/drinking/doing, I want the secret sauce please, because these three haven’t changed in thirteen years. And for Crystal she’s actually gotten even more beautiful, as if that’s even possible since the days she played the two most beautiful female characters in Louis Cha novels – Wang Yu Yan in Demi-gods and Xiaolongnu in Return of the Condor Heroes. Seeing these three together makes me miss even more the days when there were good LC drama adaptations.


Crystal Liu, Jimmy Lin, and Liu Tao Reunite from the Classic 2003 Version of Demi-gods and Semi-devils — 12 Comments

  1. Liu Tao is the one that we should be praising bc she since had babies and still looks gorgeous. She left the industry at the height of her fame. Wish she would have done more dramas during that time.

  2. Yes the early 2000s had some of the best Louis Cha adaptations to date, but I finally see hope that CDramas will improve in the next few years, instead of the ridiculously colorful costume parties and cheesy plots that we had been getting recently from Yu Mama. I couldn’t even make it past the first episode of Song in the Clouds. However, I saw Lang Ya Bang today, and the cinematography and the overall quality is no less than an huge production epic film. I’m also in the midst of watching the Disguiser, which is directed by the same director and played by the same actors. It has an addictively fast paced and tight plot with top notched acting that it surpassed all the drama cracks that I had previously seen. I forsee the day when the Chinese mass produce top quality drama (just as they had shaped up their movie industry to be 2nd in the world).

    • Me too, I totally ignore Song in the Clouds after watching the teasers. I decided to try one episode of The Disguiser last night and I’m on episode 6 so far, totally hooked. The acting was great and the plot is interesting. Will be watching Lang Ya Bang later.

  3. This is so nostalgic. IMO Crystal was most beautiful as Yuyan(I remember just being absolutely dumbstruck by her in that show), I thought the stylist kind of missed the mark for her as XLN. I don’t know, I just feel that she didn’t look as good.
    I miss her a lot, because really, I currently cannot think of even one actress that can top her in terms of that celestial aura she has when she does these sort of roles…

    • I’m with you, I personally have always felt Crystal Liu in DGSD was the most beautiful she’s ever looked in any drama or film. I have no idea what magic the stylist worked on her, but even though this was one of her youngest roles, she somehow looked older yet even more impossibly beautiful than in her later dramas/films (Return of the Condor Heroes, Chinese Paladin, etc).

      • So glad to see a comrade since most of the people I knew thought she looked best as XLN which I just didn’t get.
        I loved her as Ling’er though (I think a big part was due to the voice actress who voiced her in Chinese Paladin, she made her sound so innocent and cute), but again I didn’t think it topped Yuyan…

  4. The LOCH from 2008 would have been okay if they didn’t focus on Yang Kang so much…and make Guo Jing so stupid (though I like Hu Ge). Ariel’s Rong’er was a boss though

  5. Should go watch 刘涛’s new drama 琅琊榜 with 胡歌 and 王凯!!!!! IMO it’s much nicer than 云中歌 and even 花千骨! 😮

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