The Village Releases Intriguing Preview for Episode 1

The promos have been fast coming for upcoming SBS drama The Village (Achiara’s Secret), most likely due to the drama filming on schedule but getting an extra week before airing after Yongpal confirmed a two episode extension. The Village doesn’t arrive for two weeks, premiering on October 7th, but the latest preview is a long one that shows lots of scenes from the first episode. I super love it, it’s mysterious and tonally toggling dark and light in equal measure. It’s not overly slick like what Yongpal is going for, and everyone looks the part, even Yook Sung Jae as the male lead village policeman, and especially Moon Geun Young as the English teacher and newcomer to this pastoral hamlet. Oh Joo Wan‘s two-toned hair color is hilarious and his character seems too smiley so clearly will join the list of suspects once the dead body is found and secrets start floating to the surface. Nothing stays buried forever, right?

The Village Episode 1 preview:


The Village Releases Intriguing Preview for Episode 1 — 11 Comments

  1. This look interesting:) Definitely will watch it plus Moon Geun Young is in, been waiting for her new drama for so long. Another 2 weeks to go.

  2. Wow! It does look interesting. Moon Geun Young hasn’t been picking good dramas to act in ever since Cinderella’s sister. At least for me she hasn’t.

  3. I liked the 1st episode…preview…can’t wait this to start, and oh joo won hair color is for 1 or 2 epi only, he will change it back ….

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