Goodbye Mr. Black Loses Time Slot on SBS After Production Disagreement with Network

I can’t believe I’m writing this since this particular drama sounded like it was in the bag in terms of production preparation and casting, but clearly nothing’s set until the fat lady sings. Upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Goodbye Mr. Black is no longer upcoming and definitely not going to be an SBS Wed-Thurs fare. The production and SBS have just gone kaput, and the K-ent news is graphically describing this situation as “Goodbye Mr. Black had a miscarriage”. Aside from the terrible birth tragedy analogy, the newspapers are hot on the reporting that the drama production company couldn’t see eye-to-eye with SBS so the project is a no-go at the moment in terms of following The Village. That’s such a bummer since the confirmed cast of Moon Chae Won, Lee Jin Wook, Kim Kang Woo, and Song Jae Rim is all sorts of eye candy plus acting awesome.

I’m not sure where the disagreement came from, but the drama has long confirmed its production team even before the acting talent signed on so clearly there was concrete ideas from the start. Directing was going to be the PD of Birth of a Beauty, Giant, and Midas, while writing was the screenwriter of Glorious Day and Missing You (I Miss You). These are not unknowns and the PD is a longtime SBS regular. This news doesn’t mean Goodbye Mr. Black is DOA, the drama can either be picked up by another network or air on SBS still if the issues are hashed out though likely at a different time slot.


Goodbye Mr. Black Loses Time Slot on SBS After Production Disagreement with Network — 26 Comments

  1. This is what happens when I give SBS the benefit of the doubt. My least fav channel of the Big 3 bc of their constant drive to reap the biggest gain rather than focus on consistency and quality. They always get overly excited when they have a successful project and get big in the head, which eventually ruins the said production in the end.

  2. If I were MCW I’d say adios and go back to KBS and another project. She’s too successful and in demand to deal with this BS. And the project doesn’t sound that great to start with. She could do better.

  3. What a pity I really wanted to see LJW oppa with this ?
    I prefer station SBS than MBC !,, MBC sucks
    Btw This is a wig that MCW has or is its real hair in the picture?

  4. now its really definite kim tae hee will get the best actress award at the end of this year in sbs award ceremony… no mas Mr. Black ?

  5. Well after the shock this morning I hope that MCW won’t wait for this drama to find a new timeslot with another broadcast station or SBS. I just want her to find another drama.

    This is such a mess! SBS is such a mess as well!

  6. This better get picked up by another network because it was the only drama in the foreseeable future I was really looking forward to!!!

  7. That’s good news and bad news at the same time. Good news since it’s good they know this mess earlier so easier to think the next step for the casts and team production. Bad news since the story sounds interesting. Not familiar with Lee Jin Wook or Song Jae Rim’s acting. But I know Moon Chaw Won and Kim Kang Woo are better actor. All the best for them. So, what’s the next drama after The Village then?

  8. this is really sad news for me, this is the only drama i’m waiting for, i hope this drama get new broadcaster i don’t care if it’s cable tv, seems like lee jin wook have badluck in drama after nine

  9. what gives, SBS? Someone mentioned this is the second time in two months they have dropped a drama from the upcoming list after confirming cast. First that Shin Min Ah drama and now this, though here the cast had all confirmed.

  10. Kim Kang Woo & Moon Chae Won can sign in a different Kdrama together… with better writers. 😉 I don’t care much for Lee Jin Wook’s pairing with Moon Chae Won in the first place. It’s just too bad we would have to wait a little longer until we see Moon Chae Won.

  11. I can understand why this would be cancelled (or completely cancelled) after reading negative comments towards the male leads. I knew that k-netz perhaps not really excited to see Lee Jin Wook this fast after his flop drama. I was surprise to see the comments towards Kim Kang Woo though. korean netz seem not really welcome to him. Even some of them said none of the casts are good enough. People become so harsh day by day.

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