Cheerleading and Friendships are the Basis of Sassy Go Go in Third Teaser and New Stills

I love it when high school dramas sweetly explores friendships in a sincere way, understanding that teens aren’t necessarily about love and angst as much as high school life is driven primarily around interpersonal interactions. Upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Sassy Go Go appears to focus a lot on that, with a bromance between male leads Lee Won Geun and Ji Soo that is already adorable in stills, and a frenemy dynamic with female leads Jung Eun Ji and Chae Soo Bin that should be entertaining to watch and hopefully doesn’t veer into bullying territory in any way. There’s another week left until the drama premieres but the most recent third teasers provides the best look to date of what to expect – an academically top notch high schools focuses on achievement to the point where kids are suffocated, and in the midst comes the idea of a cheerleading club to provide a release of sorts and a positive outlet. I can dig into that.

Third teaser for Sassy Go Go:


Cheerleading and Friendships are the Basis of Sassy Go Go in Third Teaser and New Stills — 3 Comments

  1. Friendship with N and Eunji’s characters will be great too. hE followed her to the new school.

    The two of them have a fun dynamic offscreen too. With eunji saying hakyeon feels like an unnie, and hakyeon calling eunji army general.

    I hope we get bts clips bec the bickering between those two is super great

  2. Interesting that eunji’s drams is going to play around the same time as the reply 1988. I’m looking forward to seeing how both will do

  3. Really excited for this drama! Looks like the friendship story will be the key point in this drama, and I hope it remains that way. I hope Eunji and Jisoo too will have some kind of relationship as I’d love to see them in a single frame. Haha

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