Hyun Bin, Go Ara, Yoo Ji Tae, and Lee Yo Won Attend Uniqlo and Lemaire Fashion Event in Seoul

This is an unique foursome set to show up at the same fashion event, but you won’t hear me complaining since I like all four and am loving the black and white stylings of said event. Hyun Bin, Go Ara, Yoo Ji Tae, and Lee Yo Won attended the Uniqlo and Lemaire event in Seoul this week, the launch of a collaboration collection of the fast fashion retailer Uniqlo with former Hermes chief designer Christopher Lemaire. I’m so on top of this capsule collection you won’t believe, my fingers at the ready to click buy when it goes on sale this Friday with versatile and classic pieces in prices that are Uniqlo friendly. It’s basically Uniqlo taking a page from the Target playbook, but one-upping the whole thing since Christopher Lemaire is way top of the fashion heap. The four classy star attendees were sporting items from the collection, a bit low key but at the same time safely chic. Love it! Now if only these four did more than act in one drama or movie at year, that would be a nice way to see more of them onscreen.



Hyun Bin, Go Ara, Yoo Ji Tae, and Lee Yo Won Attend Uniqlo and Lemaire Fashion Event in Seoul — 10 Comments

  1. All the boys look good and some of the girls are good dressed..

    btw koala? I don’t know if you heard this but kim bum has been casted as Bruce Lee in a upcoming chinese project.. I thought that was news worthy perhaps the most surprise casting for awhile

  2. Finally, Lee To Won is back in limelight. I miss her in small screen even though she chooses her project so careful. Wish she is in another saguek.

    • Agreed. I’ve missed her terribly. Her 2nd daughter should be older now. She should make a comeback. Romantic comedy though since I had to deal with her and Go Soo’s lack of love line in Empier of Gold.

      • She’s a mother of 3 now because she gave birth to a son in May this year.❤

        So most likely next year will be the earliest she can be back.

  3. they all look good esp the boys..ohh i miss YJT..i hope he comes back to the small screen but as a main lead..he was so good in healer i became his fan..

  4. I hear of Uniqlo all the time. however everytime I go in that I never find anything that I truly covet. They just looks like plain essential and even with all the stars wearing their clothes, it still doesn’t look that awesome

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