Long Preview Shows Sassy Go Go is All Ready for Cheerleading Duking it Out with Academic Achievement

Even though I was already looking forward to upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Sassy Go Go, I’m still surprised by how much I really really liked the long preview. The drama doesn’t just look promising, I’m already connected with the trials and tribulations of the two leads played by Jung Eun Ji and Lee Won Geun. She’s the slacker who rather dance than study, he’s the top student who tries his best to be arrogant but actually has a heart. Even Ji Soo‘s second male lead pops in the preview, buckling under the pressure of academics to the degree of attempting suicide.

This drama looks equal parts serious in tackling real life school-aged concerns, but doing so with flair and fun when appropriate. I loved all three drama posters – the friendships ones capture a youthful effervescence while the OTP poster hints at a sweet first love. There doesn’t appear to be darker forces at play with the adults and the school system, so here’s hoping the kids may fight but end up better off in the end through the journey to unfold. Sassy Go Go premieres this coming Monday with a standard 16-episode run.

Long preview for Sassy Go Go:


Long Preview Shows Sassy Go Go is All Ready for Cheerleading Duking it Out with Academic Achievement — 13 Comments

  1. At first I imagine it was like Bring it On, and I was so exited. But after seing the trailer I`m actually looking forward to this drama even more because it looks like the drama has heart.

  2. I thought not to watch it but it looks really fun..well i guess i’ll wait to read the comments after 2 episodes will air..

  3. I’m really looking forward to this, it looks really cute. BUT that horrible title makes me want to Sassy Go Go throw up. Why couldn’t they stick with Cheer Up? It made so much more sense! Who thought the title change was a good idea?? No one who speaks english, that’s for sure.

  4. I’m really looking forward to this. I’m trying not to be too excited but I can’t help myself. Haha. And they have been practicing their dance routines very hard, so I hope it turns out well!
    And this drama is 12 episodes long, not 16 as mentioned I believe?

  5. This actually seems promising. I see a lot of familiar faces from the School series. I wonder how much prefilming they did. The trailer looks as if there’s enough content for 4-6 episodes.

  6. The otp picture is everything. I watched the first two episodes and they are brilliant. I’m hooked <3 Characters and plot are both on point.

  7. this drama is soooo good ūüôā i’m glad i’m trying to watch it.
    for you who like school drama such as angry mom, and reply 1997, you should watch this.

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