Answer Me 1988 Releases Second Throwback Poster and Sets November 6th Premiere Date

I’m wondering how much I’m willing to put up with upcoming tvN drama Answer Me 1988 solely for male lead Park Bo Gum? It’s certainly going to be a lot of leeway, but I worry that he’s not even going to be the male lead, and that’s going to be Go Kyung Pyo. And while I do like Go Kyung Pyo, it’s a whole different level of affection I feel for Park Bo Gum, lemme put it that way. Drama fans are analyzing the poster character placements and pointing out that Go Kyung Pyo is front and center and always next to female lead Hyeri.

That’s when I realized that maybe I’m good with Park Bo Gum being shunted to the side, since that’s a spot farther away from Hyeri, which makes it a winning spot in my eyes. I’m also starting to get visual eyesore from all that fugly late 80’s hair and clothing style choices, I may have been a kid during that time but goodness it really did not look as bad as the AM team is making it. Or was it that bad and I just blocked it all out? I guess we’ll find out this November 6th when AM1988 premieres.


Answer Me 1988 Releases Second Throwback Poster and Sets November 6th Premiere Date — 7 Comments

  1. You’re not the only one. I would be relieved if Park Bo Gum is not the lead that way I can skip all of Hyeri’s parts and can still watch Park Bo Gum. Heck, even if he is, I will just solely focus on him. LOL

    I just wish that Hyeri improved on her acting….

  2. i sincerely wish hyeri’s acting improved in this drama. after ghostess then twenty, please bring us something good to see tvn! but my feeling says im not gonna watch this, while my mind says : hey, it’s from tvn. haha.. well.. let’s see, one or two episodes wont hurt.

  3. I think the whole package ends up being good..and also good acting also goes to being director’s hyeri could actually turn out to excel our expectation.

  4. If he’s going to have his heart broken to pieces, I’d rather not watch since I have the same thought, how much can I watch for Park Bo Gum because he’s the one who changed my mind about watching this.

  5. CRYING HAHAHAHAHA. This article literally sum up my mind. Oh, god, it can’t me any more true. My only problem with this show is Hyeri and that’s enough of a shut down for me then Bo Gum happen and I keep having this battle inside my mind between my hatred towards hyeri and my interest toward Bo Gum. Still not sure who’s gonna win but your point about him as a second character will make a safe distance with Hyeri might help me on this.

  6. based on the poster, it is very likely that go kyung pyo is the male lead because he’s in the center of the poster and he is near the lead actress.

    like you, i’m also not looking forward to this drama because of the awful acting of the lead actress, and the atrocious 80s fashion. i was born in the 80s and i grew up in the 80s, but it really wasn’t a good era fashion-wise and i don’t care to relieve those moments personally.

    although i’m indifferent with go kyung pyo, i’ll probably still watch this for park bo gum. i just hope he’s worth all the wasted time, but i might fast forward some scenes if ever.

    i’d be pretty pissed off if this drama is another iteration of sibling-like couple getting together because it’s been done twice already, but knowing the people behind this drama, i should probably expect exactly that.

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