Go Lala Go 2 Drops Sleek New Character Posters and Adorable Official BTS Look at the Filming

Upcoming C-movie Go Lala Go 2 is doing everything all right when it comes to promoting the drama. The production is selling the heck out of three unbelievably talented and good looking leads in Ariel Lin, Vic Zhou, and Bolin Chen. The second set of official character posters has dropped and is different enough from the first to see that thought went into it, yet continues the same sleek and chic style. The movie got lucky landing the three leads, and having the movie released next month allow all three former Golden Bell Award winners to attend the recent awards ceremony to present and do promos at the same time. The production released an official BTW video that interviews all three leads and shows outtakes that is an early taste of the sweet treats to come.

Go Lala Go 2 official BTS:

Zai Zai and Bolin backstage at the Golden Bell Awards being adorable together:


Go Lala Go 2 Drops Sleek New Character Posters and Adorable Official BTS Look at the Filming — 4 Comments

  1. Can’t express any better on how excited am I for this movie too! Whether this become a good and acclaimed movie or a hot mess, at least we got a dream cast.

    Nothing against Nana but maybe they could have casted Rainie Yang instead and gave her character equal prominence along with the three than what they have seemed did to Nana then this would have been such a stellar casting movie to beat. Doesn’t hurt she’s another Golden Bell awardee too, right?

    Anyhow, I sincerely wish that this movie would do well in box office! Jia You!

  2. i really like Ariel Lin, she looks humble and friendly, Bolin too. Vic.. his smile just seems so unnatural haha. but i love all the cast. i wonder why they cast nana. perhaps bcuz she’s a kpop star? she hasnt been in kdrama too, correct?

    well, goodluck. good or bad, i will watch this for bolin-ariel-vic 🙂

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