Lee Young Ae Unveils a Chic Short Hairstyle in New JLook Pictorial

I might actually consider turning to the dark side if the trade-off is partaking of K-actress Lee Young Ae‘s beautifully aging fountain of class. it looks like her comeback after a ten year hiatus is well underway, with a steady stream of CF and fashion pictorials coming out, each confirming yet again that she’s deserving of being Korea’s most widely known actress export thanks to the enduring popularity of Dae Jang Geum.

Her latest pictorial is modeling designer wristwatches in a JLook spread, with the most noticeable transformation being her elegant new short haircut. I love it so much on her, it frames her insanely fine-boned facial features even more beautifully than a fall of long hair. I was never a fan during her DJG days but now am turning into oneĀ thanks to her well calibrated comeback train, with the ending station being her upcoming pre-filmed drama Saimdang: The Herstory, which airs sometime in 2016.


Lee Young Ae Unveils a Chic Short Hairstyle in New JLook Pictorial — 17 Comments

  1. Wow she looks way younger than her DJG days. She is the definiton of beautiful, classy and elegant. The most beautiful actress for me.

  2. her face now really doesn’t resemble the face in DJG day. I keep looking for the similarity. I barely recognize her if you don’t mention that she is lee young ae

  3. She is like 25 years old girl. Wow……beautiful

    If it’s because a photoshop she/he did a great job. If it’s because LYA’s skin treatment I want to know what kind of it cuz I will do it right now.
    Two thumbs up for her

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