MBC Pairs Up Legendary Production Team of Lee Byung Hoon-Choi Wan Kyu for Upcoming Weekend Sageuk

This is definitely a pairing of K-drama titans, and probably just in the nick of time what with the industry in need of a mega-epic-heyday returning type of hit with the traditional viewing audience. PD Lee Byung Hoon and screenwriter Choi Wan Kyu are teaming up for an epic weekend sageuk airing on MBC, taking over after My Daughter Geum Sa Wol. It’s pretty telling that MBC is giving them the weekend slot as weekends are basically the only time slot nowadays that can still do 20% and even possibly 30% ratings.

Choi Wan Kyu’s last drama was the good effort but not quite all there MBC drama Triangle, better known for proving that Jaejoong can act and the Lee Bum Soo magic touch is there with any lucky youngster who gets to work with him. Choi Wan Kyu is basically K-drama writing royalty with how many hit dramas he’s penned over the years, almost all with a very strong male-centric focus¬†– IRIS, Midas, All In, Swallow the Sun, Jumong, The Kingdom of the Winds, Love Story in Harvard, Lobbyist, Gourmet, and many more.

PD Lee Byung Hoon is no slouch either – he’s the eye behind the camera that created the enduring Hallyu hit Dae Jang Geum. His last few dramas were also for MBC with Horse Doctor,¬†Dong Yi, and Yi San, but prior to that he did SBS drama Seodongyeo. Lee Byung Hoon has actually worked with Choi Wan Kyu before, 13 years prior in 2002 they did the sageuk Sangdo (Merchant’s Way) for MBC. This upcoming sageuk will certainly be old school but that might be a good thing for garnering the interest of the drama regulars.


MBC Pairs Up Legendary Production Team of Lee Byung Hoon-Choi Wan Kyu for Upcoming Weekend Sageuk — 12 Comments

  1. Wow! IRIS, All in,Harvard and Jumong were written by the same writer? These dramas are my favorite dramas of all-time. And with Dae Jang Geum PD? Yeah, I can’t wait! Yay for MBC. I think they can break 30% and above.

  2. haha IRIS is one of my favorite dramas… unfortunately sageuk has never been my cup of tea. One more drama to ditch mean less one drama to watch. good for me ?

  3. I did not like ‘IRIS’ much (though that was a joint effort mess), but after the grand chaos that was ‘Triangle’, I won’t be going near this writer again. Unless he goes to cable or casts all of my darlings in one show (please don’t). Then I might give him another chance. Perhaps I watched his writing at its worst, so I hope this drama will be good for all the fans eager to see it.

  4. Funny because Choi Wan Kyu has been on my blacklist of Korean writers, along with the Hong Sisters, Kim Eun Sook (*ya hear me, you who had amazed me SO MUCH with City Hall!*), and Im Sung-Han, just to name a few. Oh well, to each its own.

  5. Sounds great, but I’m dying to know what the heck it will be about and who will be in it. That will really determine my interest. I do love a good sageuk, but a dry or crazy one I’ll drop like a bad habit. These guys were involved in some of my favorites so fingers crossed. Maybe Six Flying Dragons is a harbinger of some new great sageuks to come!

  6. It’s too bad neither of them have done anything remotely good in ten years. I fear that all this reunion will do is show just how much they’ve sold out and/or gone to seed since their glory days. Heo Joon is a very good drama and Sangdo is a great one–why mess up the legacy of their partnership? Still, let’s hope for the best.

  7. I loved dae jung geum,yi san and dong yi. those were the first saeguks i watched and they hold special meaning to me so i hope the new saeguk will be like them. i miss those old style dramas who depended in actors solely and didn’t tested idols.

    about the screenwriter – i only watched iris and dropped triangle. iris was good (tho a bit overrated). i couldn’t continue triangle. i didn’t like its vibe. but i do agree jaejoong improved and lee bum soo was great as usual.

  8. Jumong and Midas, interesting dramas. Triangle was kinda dragging and boring midway through repetitive gambling scenes. But Lee Bum Soo is worthy of watching whatever a not-so-great drama he’s cast in. So, depending on who are in the lead cast, this heavy-weight production team may deliver a really interesting story.

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