Jang Geun Seok Confirms Comeback as an Actor in 2016

This is fantastic news, however much it still requires follow through of a yet unknown project. Actor-singer Jang Geun Seok has stated that he will be coming back as an actor next year in 2016. In what capacity is yet unknown, a drama would be my preference but a movie isn’t a bad choice if the K-netizens still haven’t quite figured out what to make of him. 2015 has been a weird year for him, his overseas activities in Japan and China have remained wildly popular, but K-ent seems to have turned its back on him more than ever after he got cut from variety show Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village due to a tax evasion scandal. I think variety is about the worst way for him to comeback as an entertainer in Korea, his real life personality is so very oddball, to put it mildly, and variety is all about playing up real life personalities to be as endearing as possible. Dramas is where I love him most and will always remember him fondly, his last one was the strange but really not bad Pretty Boy (Bel Ami) with IU, which was twoย years ago so I’m more than ready for him to return to acting form soon.

Jang Geun Seok’s concert series this past summer was quite well received by fans and critics alike, his natural charm and passion for music seems to have paid off with a legit singing career at this point. Still not my cup of tea but I’m glad he has a positive and creative outlet for his passion outside of acting.


Jang Geun Seok Confirms Comeback as an Actor in 2016 — 37 Comments

  1. I hope he picks something out of his comfort zone ,because his last couple of Dramas weren’t very good ,so I hope his next choice is ,I really like him as an actor but he needs better work

  2. Being his fans for many years, my feeling grows founder not only because his professional works but also his genuine personality. I am indeed looking forward for his new drama. he is such a talented actor ?. thanks for sharing.

  3. He needs a haircut. Pronto. Other than that, I think JGS is a fabulous actor and his comeback is definitely something I look forward to.

    Although tbh, Variety was easily his best way of getting into the good graces of knetz. Being an odd ball =/= unlikeable. He can be weird in a charming and lovable way so it’s too bad he didn’t get a chance to endear himself to the public. I hope good things come his way next year.

  4. !! I can’t wait to see him on screen again!! He’s a fabulous actor full of talents, and complete entertainer. Don’t forget his enormous heart. I’m so proud to be his fan. Jang keun Suk FIGHTING!

  5. I’ve had mixed feelings these two days with news about him from Korean media. As an avid fan, I was (and am still) proud to hear the news of his appointment as an ‘honorary’ professor at Hanyang University- which strangely none of the English speaking K-Ent media has reported about yet. And then this ‘comeback’ news appeared out of the blue. I’m certainly happy for his comeback to acting world for ‘Korean (drama/ movie) Public’ but also very much aware of the potential harsh comments he does not necessarily deserve. Anyway, I’m crossing my fingers with all of you who have written a positive comment for him here :). I am not a huge fan of K-Drama – as I cannot stand a lot more actors with lousier acting yet becoming more famous than JKS with his acting talent-.

  6. I just spent the day reading ‘You’re Beautiful’ recaps again. Sigh. I miss this guy. He was so good in that drama. I hope that his next drama has a good script that makes use of his acting ability.

  7. Cutting him off Three Meals A Day (FV) was like hitting him below the belt. He was already promoting that show and shoot some parts of it. Anyway this is good news for me who have followed Jang Geun Suk for so many years since he was a child actor. He’s a very talented actor with a versatile personality that must not go to waste. Jang Geun Suk FIGHTING!

  8. JGS impressed me with his acting chops in the sageuk Hong Gil Dong despite being just the 2nd male lead. I’ll definitely root for him should he be offered a role in Moon Lovers, the K-drama version of Bubujingxin. As I recall, the cast, broadcasting channel and airing date of ML have yet to be confirmed.

  9. At first, i like him for he is one of my bias best friend (Kim Jaejoong). But as time goes by, i like him more coz he is a good actor and good singer too.one thing i know is that he has a very kind heart just like my Jaejoong. I’m waiting for his upcoming drama. Comeback soon our prince!!

  10. A kind heart is what separates him from a lot of actors. So he wears different outfits but he looks good on even the worst of them. Not many artists can get away with that. He gets out of his comfort zone to be with his fans as much as he could. He acknowledges his fans when he is in public. Others in his category simply walk straight with forced smile and hand wave. I look forward to seeing him preferably on the small screen. More power to you JKS.

  11. Really can’t wait any longer to see him in new drama.
    I believe that he would surely score a good ratings and bring back his lost popularity among the korean citizen as in international he is still the most powerful actor.Wishing him all the very best for our #Prince.

  12. I think Jang Geun Suk is the best actor/singer and personality I have ever come across!
    He didn’t get nearly enough recognition for his acting skills in “Love Rain”..

  13. “Love Rain” and “Jackpot” are the best shows I have ever watched!Thanks to JKS acting skills..
    I had never seen Korean drama before Love Rain and now I’m hooked!Thank you Geun Suk!This Aussie thinks your awesome!!!!

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