KBS Looking Promising in Media Discussions of K-dramas Scheduled for 2016

This has been an uneventful year in dramas for me, and it’s hard to wrap my head around the year ending soon and already K-ent pundits are looking towards 2016 for discussion fodder. The network that has been getting killed in prime time ratings for the last two years is actually garnering the most interest thanks to the one-two-three leading man lineup. Starting with So Ji Sub and Shin Mina in Oh My Venus (which technically starts in 2015) on Mon-Tues, while Wed-Thurs next year has Lee Kyung Hee‘s melodrama romance Arbitrarily Fond with Kim Woo Bin and Suzy followed by Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo in disaster war zone romance Descendants of the Sun written by Kim Eun Sook.

Cable network tvN is also getting tons of attention thanks to Cheese in the Trap with Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun, along with thriller Signal and the return of a Noh Hee Kyung drama Dear My Friends starring Go Hyun Jung. SBS looks solid with Yoo Ah In‘s saeguk Six Flying Dragons continuing on its 50-episode run well into 2016, but for added eye candy there’s going to be Yoo Seung Ho‘s drama return in Remember on Wed-Thurs. Sadly MBC is not generating as much buzz since makjang Glamorous Temptation on Mon-Tues will also run as long as Six Flying Dragons into next year, while the only drama lined up for Wed-Thurs is tentatively Goodbye Mr. Black with Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook. Anything looking interesting for you guys?

SBS also has the pre-filmed Lee Young Ae comeback drama Saimdang: The Herstory, costarring Song Seung Heon, but that drama doesn’t yet have a confirmed time slot on the network.


KBS Looking Promising in Media Discussions of K-dramas Scheduled for 2016 — 28 Comments

  1. Why KBS always delay DotS? I think it will be overrated like Heirs, anyway.
    tvN look solid with their line up. I wish that ‘Signal’ will be more like ‘Sign’ or ‘Ghost’ and be less like ‘3 Days’.

  2. DotS dosen’t have the buzz tbh but A-F with KBW and suzy do have the hype and buzz of with his line-up.. While China is most certainly into A-F so is Idramafans and at this point its also safe to say that korea is also most into that drama which has an appealing hype

    • I could be wrong but if I had to predict or bet my money on whos going to hit daebak it would be Arbitrarily Fond and it won’t even be competition on Weibo streamings, Dramafever viewer list and Local Tv-ratings.

      I think Arbitrarily fond will definitely hit the 1bil viewers within 1-2 months on Chinese portals.. It could definitely be another My love from the stars, heirs or city hunter type drama that brings viewers and so far the hype it has its looking quite strong but we will have to wait and see but I predict big things for that drama

  3. honestly the only drama i’m anticipating so much is goodbye mr black. for oh my venus the story doesn’t seem interesting eventhought i quite like both lead, remember could be interesting but i need check the teaser first, not interested with other drama

  4. Maybe Oh My Venus. I am not that hard to please but other than Shin Mi Na I am not a fan of the rest so I am not anticipating any of the dramas.

  5. Looking at the lineup, I realized there is nothing too exciting for me… I would check out Woo Bin’s drama (despite Suzy) and Remember. Dots and the rest are more melo than romcom.. so less chances of watching them.

  6. I am excited for my ultimate bias’s/Lee Young Ae’s drama comeback! But I’m also looking forward to Kim Woo Bin and Suzy’s Uncontrollably Fond!

  7. Goodbye Mr Black, Arbitrarily Fond and Saimdang tbh. DOTS has that cliche infested writer going for them so I’m out while cheese in the trap has one of the most boring story I read in a manga site. It’s also out in my list. I still don’t know if I will like YSH with PMY as a team but the the drama seems interesting.

  8. DotS has the melodrama feeling that Koreans seem to like (they like everything depressing, from songs to dramas to movies) so I wouldn’t be surprised if the ratings are very high considering the big names not only on the writing team, but in the cast lineup as well. Remember Yong pal? That drama’s ratings were based solely on the protagonists names because the plot was ridiculous! And I think the same will happen with Oh My Venus.
    As for The KWB-Suzy drama, many are expecting huge ratings because the leads are famous in the ad world, but that almost never translates into high ratings, especially when you take into consideration Koreans’ intolerance towards idols’ acting, so I’ll have to wait to see what happens with this one.
    I am interested in checking out SFD, but 50 eps is a bit too much. I think I’ll wait until the drama is halfway aired. There can always be unpleasant surprises, like with Hwajung.

  9. Cheese in the Trap and Goodbye Mr Black sound like the most interesting. …..the others just sound like typical melodramas, nothing new.

    At least DotS has Song Joong Ki, his acting is so good. I like Kim Woo Bin but A-F casting sounds like it was done to get cf money more than anything else.

  10. 2014 was very average, 2015 is bordering catastrophic levels quality wise (thank you cable, JTBC in particular: Awl first eps are promising).

    • Don’t agree at all! I think people at this point are used to downing kdramas in general even when there have been numerous good ones. We’ve literally had 1-2 years where there were a lot of good kdramas (off the top of my head, 2011-2012) but most years have been average to below average with a few gems here and there. This year has been about average with quite a few really good dramas but because they aren’t “crack” dramas they get dismissed.

  11. I wonder which of the “big” projects is going to fail though. It always happens. They spend so much on the cast the writing is terrible.

    • Yeah, there’s always going to be some hyped ones that fail. For 2015 it was Hyde Jekyll Me (big name cast) and Warm&Cozy (big name writers). I wonder which one it’s going to be from the bunch listed above.

  12. hope Oh my venus is good…im only watching bc of the leads not the plot…i did the same thing to doctor stranger i regret it but ill try again!~~

  13. Hmm, nothing that I am more than mildly interested in. I really want to like Yoo Seung Ho’s ‘Remember’ except the whole Alzheimer plot puts me of…there is no magic cure for that and watching someone lose their memory is just depressing imo. Six flying dragons is doing well, I think this show has a lot of potential and the writing, directing and acting seems assured. I am tentatively looking forward to cheese in the trap for Park Hae Jin but this, again depends on the writing, etc. so I hope for everyone’s sake that its good. Yeah, none of the other shows really grab my attention from the description so will have to see.

  14. Koala – you forgot about SONG IL-GUK upcoming drama – “Jang Yeong-Sil!” and also “Vampire Detective” with LEE JOON! Very much looking forward to both!

    Looking forward to “Oh My Venus” (loving all the 4 leads), “Cheese in the Trap” with Park Hae-Jin and Kim Go-Eun, “Dear My Friends” – loving the cast!, “Remember” – with Yoo Seung-Ho, PMY, and Nam Gung-Min; In addition – very much looking forward to “Goodbye Mr. Black” with Moon Chae-Won and Lee Jin-Wook, as well as seeing Lee Young-Ae’s comeback in Saimdang (I only wish she had a different leading man).

  15. I got feelings Moon Lovers will be the daebak. Just simply because they have 6 male leads and 5 female leads. How can you handle those… Other than that,hhmmmm.. not sure. Maybe Song Il Kook’s new drama will have good ratings since korean loves his triplets alot.

  16. i dunno which one i will root for, but i always end up watching and liking a ‘low expectation’ drama. so, better keep my expectation as lowest as possible for all dramas 🙂

  17. Cheese in the trap all the way! and those who read the webtoon know it’s not boring at all and it’s more of a characters driven drama than plot drama which i think will be interesting. i’m just bummed the airing date posponed to january 🙁 it’s my most awaited drama..

    i’m waiting for all kbs future dramas like Oh my venos, kim woo bin drama and DOTS of course. OMV for its leads, DOTS cause of the hype and kim woo bin cause of the buzz hehe.
    probably will watch remember, goodbye mr. black and lee young ae drama (i want to see how her and SSH will look like together).

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