K-actress Han Groo Looks Radiant as She Marries Her Longtime Boyfriend

Nothing much needs to be said other than a big fat congratulations to K-actress Han Groo on tying the knot! After announcing her engagement two months ago, this past weekend Han Groo got married in Seoul to her very handsome non-entertainment industry boyfriend. The couple also shot an engagement pictorial for Grazia in what appears to be a tropical setting, with the couple oozing love under the soft romantic sunlight filter.

It doesn’t get more picture perfect then this, and it’s clear from Han Groo’s candid approach to her real love life that this is as simple as her getting married to the man she loves regardless of how it might affect her career. I wish her all the best in marriage and to come back from her honeymoon to pick an acting project to continue her career development, hopefully with a drama even better than Marriage Not Dating. Speaking of what, she’s done exactly that now lol.


K-actress Han Groo Looks Radiant as She Marries Her Longtime Boyfriend — 41 Comments

  1. I hope she will be a good mom, instead of pursuing acting career. I did like her in MND, but only that. She’s not good enough in Scandal and A Warm Heart.

  2. What’s with the hate? You guys don’t know her personally. Shesh.

    Congratulations on being married. Heck what everyone says. Stupidest remark ever that she has to have kids instead of a career. She can continue doing whatever she likes.

  3. *pats* there,there, feeling slightly better now that you’ve belittled others while hiding behind the veil of anonimity?
    Honey, I warmly suggest you try a different strategy, this one will make you even more bitter in the long run (yes it’s actually possible!!!), until you become this hideous ghoul whose mere sight will make babies cry.

    Now seriously, you should cure your personal frustrations and complexes elsewhere. You and your kind are just polluting the air.

  4. “everyone has their own beauty”? oh come on, it’s just lip service bullshit. In this world we know white, black, gray, ying and yang, good and bad. of course there’s beauty and ugly too. please stop being a wise licker.

  5. Why date when you can get married. Aww..Congrats to Han Groo and hubby. I think everyone of appropriate age with stable economy and loving partner should really get married. And it is so much fun to see pictures of young, beautiful people in suits and wedding gowns. 🙂

  6. Omg these comments
    I can’t really look at ham groo the same way after her scandal and don’t really like her anymore

    but what is it with the weird mysoginistic comments and the one having a go at koala ? for no reason wth
    It’s complete unwarranted
    This is crazy

    • “I can’t really look at ham groo the same way after her scandal and don’t really like her anymore”

      Yeah I sadly have to admit the same thing. She’ll probably have an even harder time establishing herself in the industry after it. Either way, congrats to them.

  7. Long-time reader, first-time commenting. What on earth is going on with all these randomly mean comments lately? Is there a way to flag the trolls for deletion?

    • @Lily – I’ve been a long time reader of the blog too – and such comments are quite distressing to read. Why is this blog attracting so much hate?

  8. Just a while ago, your world was “white, black and gray, beautiful and ugly, yin and yang blah blah”. Now it’s a “beautiful world”. Pfft. Asshole.

  9. Zomg this comment section..i guess it’s the usual one-troll-many commentators. I’m sorry for feeding the trolls koala. And of course all the best to han groo, love her attitude.

  10. I only remember watching Han Groo in Marriage Not Dating (and it is a very entertaining show, I recommend) and liked her very much. All the best to the couple.

  11. Is there no IP-Banning here? Some people here have obviously some serious issues. They have doctors for this sort of problems. And I’m not talking about plastic surgeons.

  12. You say she’s ugly? She can’t be nearly as ugly as your mind and character, sorry. And if you have an ugly inside, it WILL show on the outside before too long, if it hasn’t already.

  13. great, now it turns out you’re ugly inside AND racist.

    Koala, do you even look at the comments? How do you stomach allowing ones like this to remain up for hours, or is it ok for trolls to spew vile and racist abuse at other commenters as long as they aren’t targeting you specifically?

  14. She looks beautiful and I wish her the best. As for her scandal, didn’t have any bearing on whether I enjoyed her acting or not and I felt like her sister could have reserved her hate for the father, in private, since he was the one that really deserved it.

  15. wow, what is going on with the comments here? totally contaminating Ms. Koala’s blog… Maybe the blogger has to do something to stop this nonsense please…

  16. Sorry guys, I was traveling for work the last few days so didn’t have time to manage the thread. What a weird article to bring out spiteful trolls. I’ve deleted and banned as appropriate.

    • @koala – sorry about that, I should have been more considerate with the wording. And thank you for getting rid of the awful comments.

  17. Beautiful couple…in the first pic, Han Groo’s sideway view reminds me of Kim Hyun-Joo…both actresses so pretty in their own right…happy for her :)))))

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