Suzy Dons Modern Hanbok Couture for 1st Look Magazine


I’ve never been a big fan of the Korean hanbok but over the years have come to appreciate the look more and more. I think the hanbok look in K-dramas are also evolving, I first noticed it in Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love when the fashion took center stage and the fabric, cuts, and color combinations were vividly beautiful. Since then sageuk dramas and movies have really upped its game when it comes to hanbok fashion, and I expect nothing less than goddess level wear on Lee Young Ae for 2016 SBS drama Saimdang: The Herstory.

I mention Lee Young Ae because she’s really the standard bearer for K-actresses when it comes to hanbok aura, and in this 1st Look pictorial featuring Suzy in connection with her sageuk movie The Sound of a Flower, the young idol-actress seems to be channeling Lee Young Ae in all the right associations. Suzy will be cross-dressing as a man most of the time in The Sound of a Flower, but as a young woman she’s certainly growing into her womanly looks with a welcome sheen of elegance.


Suzy Dons Modern Hanbok Couture for 1st Look Magazine — 14 Comments

  1. Not a fan of the hair around the face. Should have let her hair down o did a sleek bun style instead. But I do love thehanboks! Very pretty.

  2. Lee Young Ae brings a certain maturity and gravitas to the hanbok that enhances its aura even more than beauty alone would, but Suzy certainly looks pretty – her still life modelling has never been the issue.

  3. I’ve never been a fan of the hanbok even though I own one but after seeing LYA last shoot and this Suzy shoot I’ve come to appreciate them.

    Both must be done by the same photographer as both have the same pastel theme. Its very nice. I think Suzy’s might edge out LYA for me due to her splash of colour and the more modern feel to it. LYA while beautiful was also very dull. They could have done so much more with her. She could have pulled it off.

  4. These hanbok are gorgeous,and will make any pretty woman becomes prettier. I also staffer to love hanbok when I watched JoJ, and the one who wear it was KimTaeHee at that. I also notice the hanbok in Empress Ki also pretty and has a unique style.

    I love hanbok, because it makes woman prettier by wearing it

  5. I completely disagree about Suzy channeling Lee Young Ae vibes. She is nowhere that level. On another note, I find Suzy lacking in the acting department, but she is indeed very very pretty.

  6. The hanbok is absolutely a polarizing piece of clothing and many Korean actresses have proven that they can’t pull it off.

    The difference is that Lee Young Ae wears the hanbok, it’s an instrument to her aura. She owns those clothes as if it was made for her and only her. To LYA, it’s a natural extension of herself. On others, the Hanbok wears them, it’s a costume, as mundane as a t-shirt or pants.

    Suzy makes the hanbok beautiful, as any actress can. But on LYA, the hanbok makes her beautiful.

  7. I’ve never really like hanboks. I find their puffy curves to be quite unflattering to women’s bodies in general, and the early (original?) hanbok colours were too vibrant and unnatural (I believe North Korean women still wore those). However I’m loving the hanbok adaptations in the recent years, especially in these light pastel colours and sheer fabrics. I think hanboks look best in pastel, both Lee Young Ae and Suzy look especially beautiful in them.

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