Marry Me or Not Sends the Bickering New Couple on a Showmanship Spa Date

It’s a feat of ingenious drama narrative that the heat keeps getting dialed up in TW-drama Marry Me or Not. If things keep heating up between Justin and Huan Huan, she’s definitely going to have to marry him even if she’d rather not. But that’s never going to happen, the sizzle between them is a force of nature and clearly nothing she’s ever had with any of her exes. In new stills for upcoming episode 4, the two start down the path of their calculated “romance”, with Huan Huan trying to seduce Justin away from Sheng Nan, thinking the siblings are a couple. They go on a “date” that is full of knowing innuendo and trying to out-do each other’s antics, including a game of strip onsen that is a hilarious wink wink nod to the same outing  with much more PG in Office Girls. I love how this drama makes me fan myself and laugh uproariously at the same time, undercutting all the delicious tension with a great sense of self-awareness.


Marry Me or Not Sends the Bickering New Couple on a Showmanship Spa Date — 16 Comments

  1. This is what I’ve been waiting for these days!.
    The chemistry of this couple is top notch and I love that they act mature instead of most Korean dramas I’ve seen where the female 30-ish leads are always new to romance and stuff.
    This made me go back to some TW dramas I haven’t finished yet.Off to finish them now..

  2. I can’t believe I am saying this. But this drama is too hot. It’s making me fan myself. They have insane chemistry levels. I can’t even write properly.

  3. Where has the writer for this drama been all this TW time?? Does anyone know who the writer is, or what other works this writer has written?

    • I did a quick google search and the writers behind this drama (林欣慧, 簡奇峯) also worked together on Ex-Boyfriend and ToGetHer. I haven’t watched Ex-Boyfriend but I did watch ToGetHer, and despite the seemingly generic premise and the cringeworthy character designs, I remembered bawling my eyes out the last couple of episodes so I would give the writing some credit.

      However, the Taiwanese have never placed great emphasis on the writers unlike the Koreans. I think what is really selling this drama is the fact that the production team behind this are the same guys behind the critically acclaimed and ever-so beloved In Time With You, and the fact that the drama marks the reunion of Roy Qiu and Alice Ke from Office Girls, which is what really sold the drama to me. (:

      • ToGetHer is definitely one of the better twdramas I’ve seen, so hearing that makes me feel reassured that this one won’t go downhill later on. I’m watching for the reunion of Alice & Roy as well, but I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it if the writing were bad. We really lucked out as fans getting a good writer, a great production team, and an amazing main couple all in the same drama.

      • I know right? Initially I thought it’d just be a semi-decent drama that serves as a reunion vehicle for Alice and Roy, but after finding out about the production team and having followed the whole production and filming process since May, I have high hopes that this drama won’t fail us.

        Also I’m so glad that this drama finished filming and wrapped far before it aired and isn’t doing the whole film as you air thing everyone seems to be doing now. So no sudden increase in episode numbers that drags the end out way too long or unpolished final episodes where everything seems half-baked. We as fans are truly blessed for this gem.

  4. Dare I say it?!!! This drama tops the best of Korean Dramas. Roy is having so much fun…..! I am a Bolin chen fan but it’s a joy to watch Roy in his element. Go Taiwan!!! I have always had a soft spot for Tawainese cinema and it’s so great they have started making great dramas to rival the best in Asia.

  5. OMG ep 5 preview D:!! Damm each ep of MM or Not is like full of actions and doesn’t have any dull moment lol. Too Good, just too good

  6. wonder when she finds out that they are sibling… emm.. but this one is pretty good.. i watched the previous episodes, better than other airing dramas..

  7. After finishing this episode, I’m totally convinced this is a remake of some long lost Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie. In this version Roy is Doris and Alice is Rock.

  8. I really like this drama. I do wish the writers would humanize Huan Huan more. The writers haven’t convinced me yet that she’s worth championiong yet. I get the rivalry between the women. I just don’t get why I should be Team Huan Huan yet.

  9. Episode 4 was just so damn good! And the preview for 5 looks great too. I am totally loving this Drama, it’s so much better than I dared hope.

    I do hope that we see Sheng Nan “win” some of their battles soon though. I do feel sorry for her, even though what she did was horrible, but more importantly for the Drama, there needs to be some balance I think. A one-way string of victories for Huan Zhen as we’ve seen so far, and as the preview for ep 5 suggests will continue, is not good for the tension and comedy.

  10. The 2nd TW drama that i’ve watch and i love this show. But it’s so hard to find the eng sub and download it.. Please inform me 😉

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