Chang Chen is Mesmerizing in Period Chinese Fashion Pictorial for Bazaar China

I may love Korean dramas on average just a smidge more than the other dramas from China, Taiwan, or Japan, but I love equally checking on the entertainment news and fashion updates from all four regions. In terms of taking risks and being creative, Mainland China has so much diversity to work with, and is really making huge strides in delivering exquisite content. It doesn’t even have to be with the female stars, so often the fashion spreads for the men are just as stunning.

I love the recently released Harper’s Bazaar throwback collection featuring Taiwanese A-list movie star Chang Chen, still best known to Western audiences as the second male lead romancing Zhang Zi Yi in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. He’s a widely famous male star in his own right and this pictorial showcases his intensity and star power to the max with an Indochine-esque feature that blends the best of turn-of-the-century modernizing China’s fashion elegance.


Chang Chen is Mesmerizing in Period Chinese Fashion Pictorial for Bazaar China — 9 Comments

  1. Throwback to his role in “Chinese Odyssey 2002”. Still remains as one of my favorite C-movie. Hilarious yet still cute. Love his quirky character in that movie.

  2. Miss Koala, you have come through again. I love that you don’t only post the typical young, pretty boys. I mean, just look at this fine MAN! Just…won’t God do it?! *skips off to google*

  3. Wow the location for the pictorial is beautiful and grand, I wonder where is it?
    Of course with him, any place will be as beautiful…

  4. That photo in the window….so goooood. Also loving the one with him sprawled out in the red room, and in the chair by the corner. Damn that shit was hot, and even if he weren’t as good looking, really well composed. Lurve it.

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