The Love Triangle Emerges on Cheese in the Trap in Hilarious New Drinking Teaser

The switch has just flipped for me with respect to upcoming tvN Mon-Tues drama Cheese in the Trap. This drama got tons of early publicity thanks to the casting carousel, and it will soon validate whether the final cast was all suitably selected, but for now all eyes trained on tvN are on the Fri-Sat hit drama that is Answer Me 1988. That might be a good thing for Cheese, take some pressure off while quietly doing it’s modern college romance thing. More teaser stills and a new preview is out, and I find it charming with plenty of pretty.

The latest teaser is a drinking scene with leads Kim Go Eun and her two suitors played by Park Hae Jin and Seo Kang Joon, and I say suitors since the two men are butting heads declaring their interest in her, while all she wants to do is find someone to drink with her. She ends up drinking alone and tipping head first into the table drunk, which is when her two guys simultaneously rescue her head from hitting the table. Nice, if the men have to posture it’s so much more useful if they keep an eye on the woman they are declaring their affection for.

Cheese in the Trap “Drinking” teaser:


The Love Triangle Emerges on Cheese in the Trap in Hilarious New Drinking Teaser — 20 Comments

  1. tvN are so generous giving us all lots of stuff before the drama starts..i have faith this will be good! the teaser with lee sung kyung was also funny btw, she really nails her character..

  2. so, I guess it will not follow the manhwa (?)
    because so far in the manhwa (the english translated one), neither PHJ nor SKJ characters could sit in the same place and have a normal conversation without tension haha

    • Actually that scene with them in the teaser happened in the webtoon but later (season 2). they were bickering each other hardly and sul who was stuck between them started to drink..i won’t spoil but the rest was funny lol

  3. Aside from Kim Go Eun’s horrid hair/wig (and if I want to nitpick also her makeup because I always imagined, thanks to the drawings, Hong Seol had brown eyeliner or eyeshadow on to help with the “cat eye” look) everything I’ve seen is spot on.

    • Spot on?

      I don’t remember Sul being all cutesy when she’s drunk. She lost her shit in the drunk scene, not behaved like a puppy.

      Although I realize these teasers are baiting for low expectation/misleading impression.

    • I agree! I think she nails her awkwardness from the webtoon brilliantly. I hope the drama allows us in on her internal thinking because that’s where the character does a majority of her talking. Though, I dig the hair too, lol.

      • well maybe because they have 10 years between them? lol
        I think the dark complexion makes him older..when he smiles he looks younger

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