Yoon Eun Hye Attends Fashion Event and Publicly Apologizes for Causing Controversy with Summer Fashion Scandal

It’s nice to see Yoon Eun Hye out and about, even if she’s certainly taking a risk of being pilloried by K-netizens as a result of her summer fashion scandal. Yoon Eun Hye was a cast member in Chinese variety show Muse Dress 2 and during one design cycle her creations with a designer paired with her was accused of plagiarizing the designs of a Korean designer. K-netizens were miffed with Yoon Eun Hye for not admitting to any copying and chalking the similarities up to mere design license and coincidence.

This, on top of her doing the movie with another scandal-ridden K-star Park Shi Hoo, appeared to have quickly landed Yoon Eun Hye in the K-netizens crap list. Not sure how long or wide-ranging that list is, or whether one great acting comeback from her will punt her out of it. She made her first Korea public appearance this week since the summer scandal, attending the Samantha Thavasa event where she addressed her scandal by bowing low and apologizing for causing controversy and concern while promising to do better going forward.


Yoon Eun Hye Attends Fashion Event and Publicly Apologizes for Causing Controversy with Summer Fashion Scandal — 62 Comments

  1. She flopped so hard even before the scandal, and now, I can say she is quite done in Korea. No big role demands her anymore. Well, she already got tons of money, so I don’t feel bad for her.

    • It’s called public trial by perception. poor you hater, Yoon Eun Hye won her case against this so-called plagiarizing with clear evidence. She wont have the courage to show up in public if she’s guilty, when clearly she is innocent and as always forever the most beautiful actress Korean entertainment has produced in the World!

    • One of the goddesses Korea has ever produced. Together with Choi Ji Woo, Song Hye Kyo and Lee Yo Won. These most beautiful actresses I adore!

  2. I hope you are not implying that she’s guilty because she’s not…. She produced evidence of her innocence that even experts confirmed that she did not plagiarize. Even a person who did enough research on their own can see that she didn’t plagiarize as the materials, cuts, color, and ruffles were different. And her ruffles were more similar to the evidence of her inspiration than by that designer.

    Even the allegations by that designer was something he couldn’t prove to anyone but he milked getting sympathy from the public.

    As for apologizing, she did that already when the initial accusation came out but people just overlook that apology. And they are just mad at her for her statement.

    Not like apologizing again will make a difference anywayzzz, since they never let go of scandals no matter how early or late the apology was given.

    • FYI, the apology was not to the designer but to the public for the ruckus that another person made and what she became tangled up in.

      • I would hardly call your proof as that…..

        How original are those ideas that you call them plagiarism…. How many dresses actually have those white stripes on black and about that drawn on skirt, even I have one that I’ve been keeping from years ago.

        A lot of people seem to think that she’s already guilty without even looking at all the angles, literally and figuratively. Even that designer has clothes that look similar to other designers and brands like Rag And Bones but he doesn’t get called out for it. Or his dresses that look like every other dresses but doesn’t get called plagiarism.

        Don’t hand me proof that you pass on from resources that do just take the word of the netizens…. esp the Kpress who take their info from DC Fans.

      • I’m not even a big fan of Yoon Eun Hye; she hasn’t done anything good since Coffee Prince. But I just want you to understand that the fashion industry in particular is about imitation and recycling of old concepts. Yoon Choon Ho’s designs are on-trend – he clearly has taken inspiration from Western fashion trends, as evidenced by his copy of Jolie’s wedding dress and the ruffles straight off European runways, and it’s hypocritical of him to turn around and accuse another person of plagiarizing. If she plagiarized Yoon Choon Ho, then he at least plagiarized Angelina Jolie’s Versace wedding dress.

    • Anybody that looks at that can see she plagiarized. The pictures prove it. It’s not the netizens made it up. lol But whatever clearly you’re a fan of hers and you won’t believe any proof that you’re shown.

      • The proof you provided is weak compared to what is quite usual in the fashion industry. Even if K-netzies went wild! They always do for the most wired or ridiculous things. If this pictures are a proof, there are hardly any original ideas in the fashion industry for the last decades since they all have been inspired from various sources! Maybe all the people who scream plagiarism should resarch what plagiarism is and how it’s defined in the fashion industry.

        BTW, just because someone doesn’t agree with you, you have no right to dismiss a statement by using the your-just-a-fan-your-biased- card. That’s really judgemental. Being a fan doesn’t mean you have no reason or brain. And everybody is a fan of something or someone.

  3. “K-netizens were miffed with Yoon Eun Hye for not admitting to any copying and chalking the similarities up to mere design license and coincidence.” I love how Miss Koala completely “forgot” to add her “don’t use my name to promote yourself” quote. But whatever, I guess it couldn’t fit in her poor, innocent YEH rhetorics and would make her appear as cocky and delusional as she really is.

    • Yes, surprised at that omitted detail too. Especially considering it is her first time even mentionning the subject on her blog. I love the blog and don’t want to hate, but what YEH did was wrong, so why downplay her actions only now? Anyway, YEH’s words really left such a bad impression I personnally won’t watch any of her projects anymore…

    • lol .. you really hit the nail, sour grape. That definitely won’t sit well with. koala as she is known as YEH’s lover and can be extremely biased towards those who are not in her favoured

      • Forgot to add this,

        Please don’t twist the fact as you pleased because it benefits your bias.
        The sole reason why K-netz are extremely turned off with her is because her cocky response to the designer. and NOT because of PSH or even the plagism itself. If she didn’t response in such cocky way, she wouldn’t get this much backlash.

      • Oalala. In her statement she said that she and her agency were never contacted regarding the matter. YCH the designer repeatedly used sns to say that she stole his design and that her stylist had recently come to pick up clothes and saw her design, but the show would have filmed a month prior to the broadcast.

        YCH did not contact her or her agency with regard to the design, but instead decided to accuse her of plagerising through sns. It is unprofessional, especially if you have had a previous relationship. These sns messages have all been deleted.

        In her statement she stated that it was not know why she was not directly contacted, that it was noise marketing, and not to use her name for publicity. I am not sure what more you can ask out of her.

        You and others are attempting to make her undergo some great atonement for something that’s trivial. When people want to blindly hate they will.

      • @lano

        what you wrote are based on her pov and clearly you are a fan. just like what you have said that people want to hate..they will hate. so are the fans who will defends their biases through teeth and nails. especially for a fandom that is very creative in defending their bias, knows all kinds of ‘insider sources’ about their bias’ life.

        no need to attack others’ opinions because it defers from yours. Accept and respect it.

      • Yoon Choon Ho accusation: YEH’s stylist went to his store to get that coat a few days before that episode aired.That episode was filmed a month in advance, so his comment is not making any sense.

        Yoon Eun Hye’s side replied: It isn’t true that the stylist picked that outfit up, and we did not use it after getting sponsored. All of this is recorded in the brand sponsoring, he can confirm this fact by checking the log records where it should show what goes in and out of the store. We’ve sponsored with designer Yoon Choon Ho before, but we have not received anything from 2015 F/W collection. The stylist did not pick up anything from his store and you can check and confirm it if you like.

        We were shocked as to why he never contacted the label & the stylist privately. He expressed his opinions in a one-sided manner via SNS without thoroughly confirming information.

        The designer edited his post and deleted the part out where he said that YEH’s stylist went to his store to get that coat in question. That sends major alarm right there that he has no evidence from his claim and is hiding something or he wouldn’t have edited that part out.

      • Cquee.

        I am not sure what “insider information” you are talking about YCH published this on his own sns for the world to see. There were pictures taken of Yeh when the episode was being filmed. The media then reported that YEH’s stylist got the design and that she stole it.

        All of this is public knowledge that outlets refuse to report. I admit that if none of this came out I might not be such an advocate, but the timeline speaks for itself. I am not attacking anyone. I advocating for judging people based on the facts and treating people charged with the same “crime” equally.

  4. it’s not easy to live in the public eye esp when media can easily manipulate your statement to sell a story and when there is really no story. remember facts and impact. I like YEH and looking forward to her next project.

  5. Like many Knetizens, what angers me is not her ‘plagiarism’ part but her response to it. “Please don’t use my name to promote you” was a very arrogant comment and very distasteful in my opinion. I now see YEH in a different light and it’s not a bright light.

  6. Whatever! I dont give a crap about this so called controversy. People are acting as if she friggin raped or killed someone. All this panties twisted in a bunch over a ‘cocky comment?’

    Give me a break if you are pissed that someone is talking all this smack about you via social media, in real life you would say something worse than what she said. Her comment is not that crazy to lose some sleep or something to ban her for life.
    I have said worse things in a fit of anger or when I think I’ve been wronged. The only difference is that she is a celebrity while I am not.

    Now just give me a good drama. That’s all I need from you. I could care less about your personal life!

      • Meh I still dont give a flying carpa about it. People in here apparently are pissed with her comment acting as if she killed someone with it, when their oppas have done worse things.

    • Love how grounded and real your perspective is…People are very quick to lap up to what media said snowballing things which have they have not consider in the light of facts…condemning when they have not gone to the root of the problem and find out if in fact if was plagiarism or not. Moreover are we not aware of how media can twist the words of a person to sensationalize it so that the public will buy it?

  7. She really is just an arrogant you-know-what. Seriously, I am hardly surprised this blog would ignore some very important aspect of this controversy just so it seems Knetz are overeacting. YEH was over years ago. This really is just confirmation of that.

  8. She’s been a flop for so many years now. This scandal is nail on the coffin. She haven’t done anything good since Coffee Prince which was almost a decade ago.

  9. Hi i’m french and my English is very bad so be kind . For me it’s very hard to understand the whole thing. In France and in Hollywood a lot of actors have scandals and it doesn’t affect their career. Anyway french dramas fans still like her. But if she’s done she can always give style advices to Moon chae won !

  10. After reading an online article about Tablo’s bitter and absurd story I am convinced that netizens are delusional and terrified. They are not, however, just a bunch of clueless teenagers I initially thought they were; they’re psychotic human beings of all kinds and ages who use projection as a form of relieving and redeeming themselves. Most of the so-called “scandals” make no sense, unless they are intrigued by mentally unbalanced (and mean) people who are determined to ruin the careers of those they hate at that particular time. The scary part is that they always behave like blood-thirsty zombies- never satisfied and always after for more victims no matter what. RIP logic and sanity!

    • I mean, there’s always celeb scandals anywhere that range from horrible to epic to nitpicking but the difference is how netizens/Koreans do not easily forgive and forget if a person doesn’t react the way they are “supposed” to.

      And then sometimes you have international netizens parroting them and acting like a person responding to a controversy a certain way means they deserve to have their careers destroyed like GTFOH with that. And no, I’m not a huge YEH fan so miss me with that because I know someone will try to bring that up.

  11. No, we are not 15 yrs old kids, we do understand her scandal so well, including her fans. Her fans even know she is dumb, untalented, arrogant, but still need to defend her with their so called logic because YEH is their god and religion. A typical brainwashed lonely fans.

  12. LOL, some people here are acting like they’re a better person & will act differently (& better) when they’re facing the same problem as YEH’s. They can’t prove YEH’s plagiarism so they brought up petty things such as her “response” and deducing that YEH’s cocky & arrogant based on that “evidence”. What are you, a psychologist ?
    Don’t you know when you judge someone it’s just reflecting your own insecurity, limitation & need ?
    So before you assume, learn the facts. Before you judge, understand why. Before you hurt someone, feel. Before you speak, think.

  13. PSH name will always appear in most YEH articles. Poor her, i wish the reporters will mention another actor names not this controversial actor!!

  14. I’m not her hardcore fan. But it would be a pity if her career were really going downhills just as so many antis-apparent spelled out. I still want to see her dramas. She’s a decent actress and seems very dedicated to her projects. Wish her good luck and career take-off again. Antis are the scariest animals on this planet, well sometimes, not always. LOL

  15. Look whether you think she was in the wrong or not in any aspect of this scandal, the point of the matter is YEH made a huge PR fumble when it came to handling the scandal with her target audience (Koreans, not us the int’l viewers, we don’t matter that much). I bet there are famous Koreans who are 10 times nastier as people than YEH but know how to put on an act so much better than her and come out looking alright to the public. She knows how Koreans are when it comes to scandals so I’m baffled with how she handled it. I wish her luck because her career in SK is probably done for awhile but I’m curious to see if she can ever bounce back.

  16. People will never listen to a person’s argument if that person is a fan because a fan is not able to present and accept facts because they are blinded by their love.

    No matter how strong and valid our arguments are it will always be neglected because we are fans.

    the reason why people are disregarding and devaluing the opinions and sentiments of the fans because they have this idea that fans are dumb stupid people who are going to support their star no matter what. why don’t you try to see fans as also people with integrity and credibility and then try to really listen with our arguments? maybe then you will realize that we actually have a point….maybe then you will stop treating yoon eun hye as if she was really guilty.

    Just because you can’t present a valid argument you start attacking the fans. This is called personal attacks.

    let me copy and paste it here from Nikzor Project :

    A personal attack is committed when a person substitutes abusive remarks for evidence when attacking another person’s claim or claims. This line of “reasoning” is fallacious because the attack is directed at the person making the claim and not the claim itself. The truth value of a claim is independent of the person making the claim. After all, no matter how repugnant an individual might be, he or she can still make true claims.

    It is best to focus one’s attention on the content of the claim and not on who made the claim. It is the content that determines the truth of the claim and not the characteristics of the person making the claim.

    • Personal attack? I suggest you to read above posts in more open minded and objective way. Don’t see things from your perspective only and see only things you want to sees and ignore others.

      Your so called fans are the ones who did the personal attack to others’ commenters’ (mine included) opinions because they are not agree with her way in responding to the accusation. Calling other general commenters’ who simply voiced their opinions and generalized them as detactors, antis and insult their personality.. what you call that then? 🙂
      Only then, people started to called fans can not accept others’ opinions that differs from theirs.

  17. People so easy judge someone just because of one mistake. And I don’t think even she did huge mistake. There are some celebs with bigger mistakes like using drugs or criminals and they’re still around. I’m sure just few haters make so many accounts to give bad comments everywhere to attack someone they don’t like to kill their career. Poor girl.

    I still love to see her in dramas. She’s talented and not play safe choosing roles. I respect her because of that. Please back to dramaland. Whether the ratings will be good or not, that’s not the problem since I know she always give 100% for everything she does.

  18. Look at all these Koala anti fans thinking they’re a pinocchio and whatever they heard, seen on the news or are saying is the only truth, what a shame. We’ve got bigger problems like global warming and ISIS to worry about. May God still bless all these pinocchio bullies though. Please focus on fixing your life if you are that unhappy instead of projecting the hate and unhappiness unto others to make yourself feel better about yourself. Have a merry Christmas and peace on earth.

  19. YEH career really hit rock bottom after she pair with the rapiest in that one movie. she should have listen to her fan. when they told her not to do the movie with him.

    knet would not be so mad with her if she just say, she did not copy the designer dress. why did she have to say dont use my name to promote your cloth. when the designer already have people that are more famous then her. think she lose lot of fan after the dress scandal.

    she going to need a good drama for the fan to like her again after that dress scandal.

  20. Why people who are saying that YEH is already flopped and no longer have a career still bother to post a comment in her every article. Gosh, i mean, if you really don’t care about her, why you keep yourselves updated about her, you even have a full details about her scandal? and why so worked up to make everybody believe that she is good for nothing celebrity. is YEH a threat to your biases or what? Why not exert all you effort to promote your biases than to keep tabs on YEH.

  21. I luv Yoon Eun Hye since Princess Hours but I think she just got
    a wrong decision to join that fashion design… And as we all
    knew that she really loves in designing… For me its not too late
    at least she ask an apology to the Korean Netizens and at this point
    she needs her fans support & prayers to be strong and hopefully she
    will come back to the tv and do a “Romcom” which everybody loves to watch!… To YEH “Fighting!… <3 🙂 ^_^

  22. I wonder if all this hate she’s getting is because she joined PSH in a movie? Hate spreads by association, so now even those who were neutral to her before now dislike her intensely. It’s a shame, cause she’s a really good actress which I’ve missed in dramas for the past few years. I guess this means she won’t be featuring in a drama any time soon. Oh well…

  23. YEH is talented and underrated by the Korean public. I sympathize with her and hope she will do another drama soon. She did not steal another designers idea and the whole scandal is not a scandal at all. Just a bunch of jealous people trying to make it big on her name. She did not apologize for any plagiarism…she apologized for the negative publicity she garnered. That’s it folks. Move on.

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