Little Sister Pretense Interrupts a Hot Makeout Session in Episode 7 of Marry Me or Not

How can Marry Me or Not continue to meld laughter and sizzle in such synchronicity I will never understand, not because it’s impossible but because it’s ever so rare nowadays in dramas. I love when storytelling convincingly showcases layers just like in real life, and in the upcoming episode 7 of Marry Me or Not, the pretend romance attempts to go real and then hits up against the hard wall that is the very reason for all the pretending in the first place.

Huan Huan and Justin have a candid moment on the carousel which ends up all hot and bothered back on his sofa, only to have little sister Sheng Nan interrupting while eating chips like she’s watching a particularly NC-17 movie. I LOVE IT! I’m totally find with Huan Huan breaking things off with Justin for this misunderstanding, because she still doesn’t really know how crazy she is about him, and I need her to figure that out like he’s figuring out how much he cannot let her go anymore. These two are a match made in heaven and if they need to fight some more to reach that realization then more Sheng Nan shenanigans please!


Little Sister Pretense Interrupts a Hot Makeout Session in Episode 7 of Marry Me or Not — 16 Comments

    • You should! You definitely won’t regret this! It’s still airing but it’s already contending to be my favourite drama of all time. It’s such a unique story and angle plus the acting is great and the directing is great. It’s so amazing there isn’t even one dull moment.

    • Get rid of all those other dramas on your plate and get on this bandwagon 😛 you don’t even know what you’re missing out on

    • Yeah get rid of them. This drama is good and I only watch a couple because most of them are so ridiculous.

      This drama has fabulous timing.

      • Bromance… *sigh* I swear everytime I watch a SETTV drama, I’ll promise myself that I’ll never watch another crap that mercenary channel puts up again. They’ve butchered so many potentially good dramas with their obvious and tacky product placements, overly dragged out plots, poor budgeting and horrible casting choices. But then they’re so good with marketing their shows and they always have such a good first couple of episodes that it gives you hope that maybe this time it’ll be worth wasting those 20 hours of your life. A wishful dream that they’ll soon crash, stamp on, and throw into the pits of hell happily afterwards.
        So glad Marry Me is here to restore my faith in the Taiwanese drama industry. Bromance will seriously be my last SETTV drama. (I hope)

  1. haha lol on the first picture..that would be me when watching their scenes together..they are indeed so sizzling and i am close to start shipping them for real.

    I’M waiting for sheng nan and qian yue arc too. that will make her busy and in the way she’ll understand huan huan didn’t betray her. i still think he hitted on her and made everyone think they are going out that’s why sheng nan missunderstood. she has also have to accept that her brother loves her frenenemy XD

    • My guess on the whole Qian You thing is that he did it on purpose to put off any girls who may like him cause of his whole messy family background and stuff. I think he used Huan Huan to break Sheng Nan’s heart on purpose, cause he doesn’t want her to get involved with him. It’s clear from moments that he clearly isn’t a total jackass and had his reasons. Much like everyone else on the show.

      • I hope so. cause sheng nan doesn’t deserve douchebag even if she’s bitching around huan huan sometimes.

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