Oh Yeon Seo in Talks for SBS Drama Hello My Precious Opposite Rain

With Kang Sora declining 2016 SBS K-drama Hello My Precious, there is fast movement on the leading lady casting front with Oh Yeon Seo reportedly in talks for the role opposite Rain. She’s not an actress I particularly like but she’s one of the rising stars in K-dramas these days thanks to successive well-received dramas Come! Jang Bori and Shine or Go Crazy. The only kicker is that all her dramas have been with either MBC or KBS, and if she joins Hello My Precious it would be her first ever SBS drama. I actually think she might match up well with Rain in both visuals and acting chemistry, so even if she’s not my cup of tea I’m game to see if something unexpectedly works if she does confirm this drama. 


Oh Yeon Seo in Talks for SBS Drama Hello My Precious Opposite Rain — 19 Comments

  1. Wow, she actually came to mind when I learned that KSR declined and here it is! Now that I think of it, I see some kind of resemblance between them.

  2. I don’t really like her since i saw her the first time in WGM but she is catching my attention lately after watching Shine or Go Crazy. Never know that she is that beauitful… Surprisingly her acting is solid

  3. I am not too fond of Oh Yeon Seo, but she has been among top rising actress in recent years. Thanks to Jang Bori’s drama, she and Lee Yoo Ri gain more popularity.

    And.. she is better actress compared to KSR,I am not saying KSR is bad actress..

  4. good for Kang sora. she a smart woman for turning down role. OYS should turn it down too. rain just going to ruin the drama with his bad acting.

  5. I prefer OYS acting than Kang So Ra and i hope she accepts the offer. I do like the story but why must they cast Rain? Ran shines better in action genre

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