C-ent Gossip Overdrive: Faye Wong-Nicholas Tse May Be Getting Married and Zhang Zi Yi-Wang Feng Expecting Baby


Two huge gossipy items in the same week is totally manna from Heaven for C-ent, not to mention the huge stars involved. First up is HK superstars Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse, they of the romance of the ages (and ageless) that is even more juicy and incredible than any drama plot line – they of the noona-dongsaeng romance spanning an 11 year age gap, both getting married to other people and having kids, then getting divorced before finding their way back to each other more mature and grounded. Their rekindled romance was one of the biggest C-ent stories in 2014, and now they might be capping off 2015 by getting married. A wedding site in Dali is claiming to be the site for their year end nuptials, which isn’t that far-fetched since Faye loves Dali. If they get married imma watching those fan MVs over and over again and start believing in fairy tales. In addition to Faye and Nicholas, C-ent is also buzzing over A-list actress Zhang Zi Yi and her not so A-list husband rocker Wang Feng expecting a baby soon. She’s been spotted in LA sporting a baby bump with hubby by her side.

I’m all for people to just be allowed to date/marry/have babies with whomever they choose, so these latest C-ent celebrity romance updates are all cool with me. I’m just here for the rubbernecking on fan reactions, and a general je ne sais quoi over whether it all ends up working out decades from now. As least be happy in the present, yes?


C-ent Gossip Overdrive: Faye Wong-Nicholas Tse May Be Getting Married and Zhang Zi Yi-Wang Feng Expecting Baby — 11 Comments

  1. i didnt follow ZZY’s gossip but didnt she date a billionaire in the past? an american if im not mistaken. so, now she has been married to a non-A list singer? wow… love. the power of love. salute.

    how old faye wong and nic now? 11 years age-gap. another great love story. not a fan of noona-dongsaeng, hehe, i read about their past love when i was young and now in my twenties, i still read about their love. wow.

    congratz to those couples 🙂

    • She is well respected & much loved as an actress unlike the trendy Fan Bing Bing; but the rumors of her being heavily sponsored scared off most of her other A-list suitors.

      • @coffeenlucia oh yes, i think that guy.

        @strider haha, i like ZZY more than FBB. FBB always has the same ‘style’ in my eyes… and acting wise, i choose ZZY.
        So, was that rumor true??? ZZY is such a talented actress, i hope it’s not true since she can make money by herself.

  2. I love Nic Tse, for some reason he always seemed to me a nice guy in real life (contrary to his then entertainment persona). I also liked the way he handled things during the “scandal” of Cecelia Cheung (I actually like her too). And always felt like Faye and Nic were a good couple. I don’t know just the vibes, no particular reason. I wish them happiness and joy 🙂

  3. ZZY husband is below expectation. What happened? She should have frequented the Brazilian shores and hooked up with some Brazilian models. So did she really got married, I thought it’s just her boyfriend??? Oh well, que sera sera!

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